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Forex Signals Reddit: top providers review (part 1)

Forex Signals Reddit: top providers review (part 1)

Forex Signals - TOP Best Services. Checked!

To invest in the financial markets, we must acquire good tools that help us carry out our operations in the best possible way. In this sense, we always talk about the importance of brokers, however, signal systems must also be taken into account.
The platforms that offer signals to invest in forex provide us with alerts that will help us in a significant way to be able to carry out successful operations.
For this reason, we are going to tell you about the importance of these alerts in relation to the trading we carry out, because, without a doubt, this type of system will provide us with very good information to invest at the right time and in the best assets in the different markets. financial
Within this context, we will focus on Forex signals, since it is the most important market in the world, since in it, multiple transactions are carried out on a daily basis, hence the importance of having an alert system that offers us all the necessary data to invest in currencies.
Also, as we all already know, cryptocurrencies have become a very popular alternative to investing in traditional currencies. Therefore, some trading services/tools have emerged that help us to carry out successful operations in this particular market.
In the following points, we will detail everything you need to know to start operating in the financial markets using trading signals: what are signals, how do they work, because they are a very powerful help, etc. Let's go there!

What are Forex Trading Signals?

Before explaining the importance of Forex signals, let's start by making a small note so that we know what exactly these alerts are.
Thus, we will know that the signals on the currency market are received by traders to know all the information that concerns Forex, both for assets and for the market itself.
These alerts allow us to know the movements that occur in the Forex market and the changes that occur in the different currency pairs. But the great advantage that this type of system gives us is that they provide us with the necessary information, to know when is the right time to carry out our investments.
In other words, through these signals, we will know the opportunities that are presented in the market and we will be able to carry out operations that can become quite profitable.
Profitability is precisely another of the fundamental aspects that must be taken into account when we talk about Forex signals since the vast majority of these alerts offer fairly reliable data on assets. Similarly, these signals can also provide us with recommendations or advice to make our operations more successful.

»Purpose: predict movements to carry out Profitable Operations

In short, Forex signal systems aim to predict the behavior that the different assets that are in the market will present and this is achieved thanks to new technologies, the creation of specialized software, and of course, the work of financial experts.
In addition, it must also be borne in mind that the reliability of these alerts largely lies in the fact that they are prepared by financial professionals. So they turn out to be a perfect tool so that our investments can bring us a greater number of benefits.

The best signal services today

We are going to tell you about the 3 main alert system services that we currently have on the market. There are many more, but I can assure these are not scams and are reliable. Of course, not 100% of trades will be a winner, so please make sure you apply proper money management and risk management system.

1. 1000pipbuilder (top choice)

Fast track your success and follow the high-performance Forex signals from 1000pip Builder. These Forex signals are rated 5 stars on Investing.com, so you can follow every signal with confidence. All signals are sent by a professional trader with over 10 years investment experience. This is a unique opportunity to see with your own eyes how a professional Forex trader trades the markets.
The 1000pip Builder Membership is ordinarily a signal service for Forex trading. You will get all the facts you need to successfully comply with the trading signals, set your stop loss and take earnings as well as additional techniques and techniques!
You will get easy to use trading indicators for Forex Trades, including your entry, stop loss and take profit. Overall, the earnings target per months is 350 Pips, depending on your funding this can be a high profit per month! (In fact, there is by no means a guarantee, but the past months had been all between 600 – 1000 Pips).
>>>Know more about 1000pipbuilder
Your 1000pip builder membership gives you all in hand you want to start trading Forex with success. Read the directions and wait for the first signals. You can trade them inside your demo account first, so you can take a look at the performance before you make investments real money!
  • Free Trial
  • Forex signals sent by email and SMS
  • Entry price, take profit and stop loss provided
  • Suitable for all time zones (signals sent over 24 hours)
  • MyFXBook verified performance
  • 10 years of investment experience
  • Target 300-400 pips per month
VISIT 1000ipbuilder here

2. DDMarkets

Digital Derivatives Markets (DDMarkets) have been providing trade alert offerings since May 2014 - fully documenting their change ideas in an open and transparent manner.
September 2020 performance report for DD Markets.
Their manner is simple: carry out extensive research, share their evaluation and then deliver a trading sign when triggered. Once issued, daily updates on the trade are despatched to members via email.
It's essential to note that DDMarkets do not tolerate floating in an open drawdown in an effort to earnings at any cost - a common method used by less professional providers to 'fudge' performance statistics.
Verified Statistics: Not independently verified.
Price: plans from $74.40 per month.
Year Founded: 2014
Suitable for Beginners: Yes, (includes handy to follow trade analysis)

3. JKonFX

If you are looking or a forex signal service with a reliable (and profitable) music record you can't go previous Joel Kruger and the team at JKonFX.
Trading performance file for JKonFX.
Joel has delivered a reputable +59.18% journal performance for 2016, imparting real-time technical and fundamental insights, in an extremely obvious manner, to their 30,000+ subscriber base. Considered a low-frequency trader, alerts are only a small phase of the overall JKonFX subscription. If you're searching for hundreds of signals, you may want to consider other options.
Verified Statistics: Not independently verified.
Price: plans from $30 per month.
Year Founded: 2014
Suitable for Beginners: Yes, (includes convenient to follow videos updates).

The importance of signals to invest in Forex

Once we have known what Forex signals are, we must comment on the importance of these alerts in relation to our operations.
As we have already told you in the previous paragraph, having a system of signals to be able to invest is quite advantageous, since, through these alerts, we will obtain quality information so that our operations end up being a true success.

»Use of signals for beginners and experts

In this sense, we have to say that one of the main advantages of Forex signals is that they can be used by both beginners and trading professionals.
As many as others can benefit from using a trading signal system because the more information and resources we have in our hands. The greater probability of success we will have. Let's see how beginners and experts can take advantage of alerts:
  • Beginners: for inexperienced these alerts become even more important since they will thus have an additional tool that will guide them to carry out all operations in the Forex market.
  • Professionals: In the same way, professionals are also recommended to make use of these alerts, so they have adequate information to continue bringing their investments to fruition.
Now that we know that both beginners and experts can use forex signals to invest, let's see what other advantages they have.

»Trading automation

When we dedicate ourselves to working in the financial world, none of us can spend 24 hours in front of the computer waiting to perform the perfect operation, it is impossible.
That is why Forex signals are important, because, in order to carry out our investments, all we will have to do is wait for those signals to arrive, be attentive to all the alerts we receive, and thus, operate at the right time according to the opportunities that have arisen.
It is fantastic to have a tool like this one that makes our work easier in this regard.

»Carry out profitable Forex operations

These signals are also important, because the vast majority of them are usually quite profitable, for this reason, we must get an alert system that provides us with accurate information so that our operations can bring us great benefits.
But in addition, these Forex signals have an added value and that is that they are very easy to understand, therefore, we will have a very useful tool at hand that will not be complicated and will end up being a very beneficial weapon for us.

»Decision support analysis

A system of currency market signals is also very important because it will help us to make our subsequent decisions.
We cannot forget that, to carry out any type of operation in this market, previously, we must meditate well and know the exact moment when we will know that our investments are going to bring us profits .
Therefore, all the information provided by these alerts will be a fantastic basis for future operations that we are going to carry out.

»Trading Signals made by professionals

Finally, we have to recall the idea that these signals are made by the best professionals. Financial experts who know perfectly how to analyze the movements that occur in the market and changes in prices.
Hence the importance of alerts, since they are very reliable and are presented as a necessary tool to operate in Forex and that our operations are as profitable as possible.

What should a signal provider be like?

As you have seen, Forex signal systems are really important for our operations to bring us many benefits. For this reason, at present, there are multiple platforms that offer us these financial services so that investing in currencies is very simple and fast.
Before telling you about the main services that we currently have available in the market, it is recommended that you know what are the main characteristics that a good signal provider should have, so that, at the time of your choice, you are clear that you have selected one of the best systems.

»Must send us information on the main currency pairs

In this sense, one of the first things we have to comment on is that a good signal provider, at a minimum, must send us alerts that offer us information about the 6 main currencies, in this case, we refer to the euro, dollar, The pound, the yen, the Swiss franc, and the Canadian dollar.
Of course, the data you provide us will be related to the pairs that make up all these currencies. Although we can also find systems that offer us information about other minorities, but as we have said, at a minimum, we must know these 6.

»Trading tools to operate better

Likewise, signal providers must also provide us with a large number of tools so that we can learn more about the Forex market.
We refer, for example, to technical analysis above all, which will help us to develop our own strategies to be able to operate in this market.
These analyzes are always prepared by professionals and study, mainly, the assets that we have available to invest.

»Different Forex signals reception channels

They must also make available to us different ways through which they will send us the Forex signals, the usual thing is that we can acquire them through the platform's website, or by a text message and even through our email.
In addition, it is recommended that the signal system we choose sends us a large number of alerts throughout the day, in order to have a wide range of possibilities.

»Free account and customer service

Other aspects that we must take into account to choose a good signal provider is whether we have the option of receiving, for a limited time, alerts for free or the profitability of the signals they emit to us.
Similarly, a final aspect that we must emphasize is that a good signal system must also have excellent customer service, which is available to us 24 hours a day and that we can contact them at through an email, a phone number, or a live chat, for greater immediacy.
Well, having said all this, in our last section we are going to tell you which are the best services currently on the market. That is, the most suitable Forex signal platforms to be able to work with them and carry out good operations. In this case, we will talk about ForexPro Signals, 365 Signals and Binary Signals.

Forex Signals Reddit: conclusion

To be able to invest properly in the Forex market, it is convenient that we get a signal system that provides us with all the necessary information about this market. It must be remembered that Forex is a very volatile market and therefore, many movements tend to occur quickly.
Asset prices can change in a matter of seconds, hence the importance of having a system that helps us analyze the market and thus know, what is the right time for us to start operating.
Therefore, although there are currently many signal systems that can offer us good services, the three that we have mentioned above are the ones that are best valued by users, which is why they are the best signal providers that we can choose to carry out. our investments.
Most of these alerts are quite profitable and in addition, these systems usually emit a large number of signals per day with full guarantees. For all this, SignalsForexPro, Signals365, or SignalsBinary are presented as fundamental tools so that we can obtain a greater number of benefits when we carry out our operations in the currency market.
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ASIC Regulation Thread - Regarding the proposed changes ( Australians effected the most )

I'm hopeless at formatting text, so if you think you can structure this post better take everything i write and put it into an easy to digest way. I'm just going to type out everything i know in text as fast as possible. I'm not a legal expert, I'm not somehow who understands every bit of information in the PDF's below, but i know I'm a retail trader that uses leverage to make profit which is why I'm posting this, in the hope that someone who can run a charge better than me, will.
Some of you are already aware of what might be happening, this is just a post to educate retail traders on changes that might be coming to certain brokers. This effects Australian Customers the most, but also effects those living in other countries that use Australian brokers, such as Pepperstone and others.
Last year in August 2019, ASIC ( Australian Securities and Investments Commission ) was concerned about retail traders going into Forex and Binary options without understanding these instruments properly and started sticking their noses in for tough regulation.
ASIC asked brokers and anyone with interest in the industry to write to them and explain what should and should not change from the changes they proposed, some of the proposed changes are very misguided and come from a lack of understanding exactly how OTC derivatives actually work.
I will provide the link to the paper further down so you can read it yourself and i will provide a link to all the submission made by all parties that sent submissions to ASIC, however the 2 main points of debate are:
1, To reduce the overall leverage available to retail traders to either 20:1 or 30:1. This means people who currently use leverage such as 100:1 to 500:1 and everything in between will be effected the most, even more so are those traders with relatively small accounts, meaning in order to get your foot in the door to trading you will need more capital for it to be viable.
^^ This point above is very important.
2, The removing of Binary options trading, which basically includes products like "Bet if gold will rise to this price in the next 30 seconds" This sort of stuff. So far from all the submissions from brokers and individuals nobody really cares if this changes as far as i know, though if you have concerns about this i would start voicing your disapproval. Though i would not waste your time here, all is pointing to this being eradicated completely with brokers also supporting the changes, I've never used such a product and know very little about them.
^^ This point above isn't very important and will probably be enforced in the future.
Still to this day i see retail traders not understanding leverage, they think of it as "dangerous and scary", it's not, position size is the real danger, not leverage. So ASIC is aiming to limit retail traders access to high leverage, they are claiming it is a way to protect traders who don't really understand what they are getting into by attacking leverage and not the real problem which is position size relative to your capital.
If it was truly about protecting retail traders from blowing up their accounts, they would look for ways to educate traders on "understanding position sizes and why it's important" rather than attacking leverage, but their goal is misguided or has an ulterior motive . I will give you a small example below.
EXAMPLE - We will use 2 demo accounts for demonstration purposes. If you don't understand my example, i suggest you try it for yourself. - Skip if not interested in examples.
Lets say we open 2 demo accounts with $1000 in both, one with 20:1 leverage and one with 500:1 leverage and we open an identical position on both accounts ( say a micro lot '0.01' on EURUSD ). You are safer on the 500:1 account as you don't need to put up as much margin as collateral as you would on the 20:1. If the trade we just opened goes against us and continues against us, the account with 20:1 leverage will run out of free margin a lot faster than the 500:1 account. In this simple example is shows you that leverage is not dangerous but safer and gives you a lot more breathing room. This trade was a small micro lot, so it would take hundreds of pips movements to get margin called and blow up that $1000 on each account. Lets now use a different position size to truly understand why retail traders blow up accounts and is the reason why trading can be dangerous.
This time instead of opening a micro lot of '0.01' on our $1000 dollar demo accounts, lets open a position size much larger, 5 lots. Remember we only have $1000 and we are about to open a position much larger relative to our capital ( which we should never do because we can't afford to do that ) the 20:1 probably wont even let you place that trade if you don't have enough margin as collateral or if you could open the position you would have a very tiny amount of free margin left over, meaning a small pip movement against you will instantly blow up your $1000 account. On the 500:1 account you wouldn't need to put up as much margin as collateral with more free margin if the trade goes bad, but again a small movement could blow up your account. In this example, both accounts were dangerous because the lack of understanding position sizes, opening a position you can't afford to open. This is what the true danger is, not the leverage.
Even in the second example, the higher leverage would "margin call" you out later. So i would go as far to say that lower leverage is more dangerous for you because it margin calls you out faster and just by having a lower leverage doesn't stop you from opening big positions that can blow you up in a 5 pip movement anymore, any leverage size is dangerous if you're opening positions you can't afford to open. This is also taking into consideration that no risk management is being used, with risk management higher leverage is even more powerful.
ASIC believes lowering leverage will stop people opening positions that they can't afford. When the reality is no matter how much capital you have $500, $1000, $5000, $50,000, $500,000, $5,000,000. You don't open position sizes that will blow that capital up completely with small movements. The same thing can happen on a 20:1 or 500:1 account.
Leverage is a tool, use it, if your on a lower leverage already such as 20:1, 30:1 it means your country has been regulated and you already have harder trading conditions. Just remember higher leverage allows you to open larger position sizes in total for the amount of money you own, but the issue is NOT that your using the higher leverage but because you are opening positions you can't afford, for what ever reason that is, the only fix for this is education and will not be fixed by simply lowing leverage, since you can just as easy blow up your account on low leverage just as fast or if not faster.
So what is going on?
There might ( get your tinfoil hats on ) be more that is involved here, deeper than you think, other agendas to try and stop small time retail traders from making money via OTC products, theories such as governments not wanting their citizens to be traders, rather would prefer you to get out there and work a 9 to 5 instead. Effective ways to do this would be making conditions harder with a much larger barrier of entry and the best way to increase the barrier of entry for retail traders is to limit leverage, lower leverage means you need to put up more money, less breathing room for trades, lower potential. They are limiting your upside potential and the downside stays the same, a blown account is a blow account.
Think of leverage as a weapon, a person wielding a butchers knife can probably destroy a person wielding a steak knife, but both knifes can prove fatal. They want to make sure your holding the butter knife then tell you to butcher a cow with it. 30:1 leverage is still workable and can still be profitable, but not as profitable as 500:1 accounts. This is why they are allowing professionals to use high leverage, this gives them another edge over successful retail traders who will still be trying to butcher a cow with a butter knife, while they are slaying limbs off the cow with machetes.
It's a way to hamstring you and keep you away rather than trying to "protect" you. The real danger is not leverage, they are barking up the wrong tree, how convenient to be barking up the very tree most retail traders don't fully understand ( leverage) , pass legislation to make trading conditions harder and at the same time push the narrative that trading is dangerous by making it even harder. A full circle strategy to make your trading conditions worse, so you don't succeed.
Listen carefully especially if you trade with any of the brokers that have provided their submissions to ASIC. Brokers want to seem like they are on your side and so far some of the submissions ( i haven't read them all ) have brokers willing to drop their leverage down to 30:1 because they know by dropping the leverage down it will start margin calling out their clients at a much faster rate, causing more blown up accounts / abandoned accounts with residual margin called funds, but they also know that if they make trading environments too hard less people will trade or even worse move their funds elsewhere offshore to unregulated brokers that offer higher leverage.
Right now it's all just a proposal, but as governments expand and continue to gain more control over it's citizens, it's just a matter of time till it's law, it's up to you to be vocal about it, let your broker know that if they drop their leverage, you're out, force them to fight for you.
If you have any more information related to this, or have anything to add, post below. I'm not an expert at this technical law talk, i know that i do well with 500:1 leverage and turn profits with it, it would be harder for me to do on a lower leverage, this is the reason for my post.
All related documents HERE
CP-322 ( Consultation paper 322 ) & Submissions from brokers and others.
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Attention, my name is Vihaan Khatri.

My name is Vihaan Khatri, I’m 28 years old and I live in Kolkata. A week ago I bought a new Bentley, as it’s six months since I worked at the car wash and barely had enough to feed my family.
Now I’m going to tell you how a casual meeting changed my life and gave me the chance to earn $2000 a day. I’ll tell you a little about myself. Poverty – that’s how I would describe my whole life. My parents lived in poverty, I never went to university. After finishing school, I went to work at a car wash.
When I was young, my salary was sufficient for me. But when I got married and my daughter was born, I started getting into serious financial problems and permanent debt. What to do – I had no idea; the debts were mounting but I couldn’t quit the job because it was my only source of income..
One afternoon a new BMW drove into the car wash. A young man stepped out of the car, he looked to be around 18 to 19. I was always amazed how young people could earn so much money. I said to myself quietly: “What do you have to do to drive a car like that?” But he heard me and laughed. “Binary options” – he said and went away.
Those two words changed my life forever. When I got home, I sat down at the computer and started looking for some mentions of binary options. And so, a month passed: during the day I would work at the car wash, and by night I would read dozens of forums to understand how to use binary options. I found the Olymp Trade web page and registered on there for free.
They let me open a demo account for $10,000 using virtual money, as well as providing free instructions. This helped me a lot in the beginning, when I still didn’t know how to work with binary options and I didn’t want to invest my own money. On the Olymp Trade web page, all the calculations are done in US dollars I received the payments in US dollars as well. After two or three weeks, there was $10,000 in my account. The only problem was that this was only some algorithms on the screen, I couldn’t actually withdraw any cash.
That was when I decided to invest $100 in my account. I don’t trust some of the Internet web pages, so I didn’t want to risk too much. That night I didn’t sleep much – I traded all night, then I went to work. And guess what? That night I earned $153! All day at work, all I could think of was binary options. As soon as I got back home, I sat down at the computer, but tiredness got the better of me. That night I didn’t trade much – I earned just $33 and went to sleep. I remember those days well, the only thing that mattered to me was binary options – I would arrive home and start trading right away. After a week, my account had $1220 in it!!! I know, it’s not a huge amount, but this was only the beginning; I didn’t dare trade using large sums of money. I thought I’d better checkout the web page, so I sent a transfer of all my money ($1220) to a card. An hour later, I received a telephone message saying that the money was in my card! I was happy.
After that, I invested $500 in my account and started dealing more boldly. After two weeks I had earned $10,000, and within a month I had left work. After that, I paid of all my debts and for the first time in my life, I took a vacation with my family to rest. This didn’t stop me trading though, because to earn money, all I needed was a laptop, or a mobile phone with Internet access.
When we returned home, I bought myself BENTLEY and decided to write this blog just for you – workers like I was, who are fed up of working every day from morning until night, for a measly wage. Remember that life wasn’t given to us for that. Register now, and be sure to complete the instruction course in the demo account without risking losing real money. Nowadays, I don’t see any real way to earn money while sitting at the computer or telephone, except binary options. After buying the BENTLEY, there was still $27,183 left over in my account. My goal was to earn $300,000 by the summer and buy a house for my beloved family. Good luck everyone, and thank you for your attention.
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Attention. I am Vihaan Khatri

My name is Vihaan Khatri, I’m 28 years old and I live in Kolkata. A week ago I bought a new Bentley, as it’s six months since I worked at the car wash and barely had enough to feed my family.
Now I’m going to tell you how a casual meeting changed my life and gave me the chance to earn $2000 a day. I’ll tell you a little about myself. Poverty – that’s how I would describe my whole life. My parents lived in poverty, I never went to university. After finishing school, I went to work at a car wash.
When I was young, my salary was sufficient for me. But when I got married and my daughter was born, I started getting into serious financial problems and permanent debt. What to do – I had no idea; the debts were mounting but I couldn’t quit the job because it was my only source of income..
One afternoon a new BMW drove into the car wash. A young man stepped out of the car, he looked to be around 18 to 19. I was always amazed how young people could earn so much money. I said to myself quietly: “What do you have to do to drive a car like that?” But he heard me and laughed. “Binary options” – he said and went away.
Those two words changed my life forever. When I got home, I sat down at the computer and started looking for some mentions of binary options. And so, a month passed: during the day I would work at the car wash, and by night I would read dozens of forums to understand how to use binary options. I found the Olymp Trade web page and registered on there for free.
They let me open a demo account for $10,000 using virtual money, as well as providing free instructions. This helped me a lot in the beginning, when I still didn’t know how to work with binary options and I didn’t want to invest my own money.
On the Olymp Trade web page, all the calculations are done in US dollars I received the payments in US dollars as well. After two or three weeks, there was $10,000 in my account. The only problem was that this was only some algorithms on the screen, I couldn’t actually withdraw any cash.
That was when I decided to invest $100 in my account. I don’t trust some of the Internet web pages, so I didn’t want to risk too much. That night I didn’t sleep much – I traded all night, then I went to work. And guess what? That night I earned $153! All day at work, all I could think of was binary options. As soon as I got back home, I sat down at the computer, but tiredness got the better of me. That night I didn’t trade much – I earned just $33 and went to sleep. I remember those days well, the only thing that mattered to me was binary options – I would arrive home and start trading right away. After a week, my account had $1220 in it!!!
I know, it’s not a huge amount, but this was only the beginning; I didn’t dare trade using large sums of money. I thought I’d better checkout the web page, so I sent a transfer of all my money ($1220) to a card. An hour later, I received a telephone message saying that the money was in my card! I was happy.
After that, I invested $500 in my account and started dealing more boldly. After two weeks I had earned $10,000, and within a month I had left work. After that, I paid of all my debts and for the first time in my life, I took a vacation with my family to rest. This didn’t stop me trading though, because to earn money, all I needed was a laptop, or a mobile phone with Internet access.
When we returned home, I bought myself BENTLEY and decided to write this blog just for you – workers like I was, who are fed up of working every day from morning until night, for a measly wage.
Remember that life wasn’t given to us for that. Register now, and be sure to complete the instruction course in the demo account without risking losing real money. Nowadays, I don’t see any real way to earn money while sitting at the computer or telephone, except binary options. After buying the BENTLEY, there was still $27,183 left over in my account. My goal was to earn $300,000 by the summer and buy a house for my beloved family.
Good luck everyone, and thank you for your attention.
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vfxAlert - Signals for binary options

vfxAlert - Signals for binary options
vfxAlert it's a tool for a binary options traders which they will use in their own trading strategies. Using vfxAlert assumes that the users are conversant in the essential principles of the forex market. and that they understand the principles of technical analysis and statistical methods. There are two main ways the way to use vfxAlert:
Create a trading strategy supported signals of vfxAlert. Using adaptive algorithm for confirmation signals of existing trading strategy. Especially For Beginners Most of you think that binary options it's easy, that's absolutely wrong. Please feel the difference between easy to trade and simply earn money. Binary options are easy to trade - that's true...
But successful trading requires discipline and strict compliance with the principles of the trading strategy.
It's are going to be very difficult to know what exactly vfxAlert propose and the way to use of these statistical data. Our recommendation is to use free signals within the free version and learn technical analysis and statistical principles.
Trade 2 hours per day less . Trade at an equivalent time a day . Trade long-term signals. (Min. 5 min expiration time) Learn about assets what you getting to trade. How price moves in several trading sessions. See how trend influence on signals profitable. See how heatmaps&power influence on signals profitable. Analyse your trading statistics. Trade on demo-account. After one month you'll feel the market and possible you'll be ready to create your first trading strategy.
Signals for binary options, Best binary options signals, Free Binary Options Signals, Binary Options Signals, binary signals, binary options signals software
!Important: Signals aren't a recommendation for action. Signals are the results of marketing research on a specific algorithm, a trader has got to understand how signals are formed, and what's current market tendencies to form the proper decision.

Signals for binary options
!Important: vfxAlert don't offer trading strategies. vfxAlert offer signals and real-time statistics counting on current indicators values. See below:
The trading strategy may be a system of rules, on the idea of which the trader makes his own decisions. Such a system is made only on the idea of individual trading experience, gleaned knowledge and purchased skills. The strategy allows a deep understanding of the structure of the market and therefore the mechanisms of its operation, therefore, the exchange player makes decisions supported the present situation. On the idea of a private strategy, a trader can develop several trading systems and use them counting on market conditions. The strategy always takes under consideration fundamental factors, statistical data, also because the basic postulates of risk and money management.
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Immediate Edge Review, Is Immediate Edge SCAM Or Legit Trading App?

Immediate Edge Review, Is Immediate Edge SCAM Or Legit Trading App?

Immediate Edge Review: Is This Crypto Robot Legit or Scam
Immediate Edge Review and investigation 20twenty. The Immediate Edge app is a crypto, forex and choices trading robot utilized by folks to automatically obtain and sell Bitcoin and create profits. Wanting at the website, many people claim it helped them move from rags-to-riches trading Bitcoin. Further, some claims linked it to Ronaldo and Sir Alex Ferguson

Is Immediate Edge app legit or scam? Whereas the claims of its linkage to the higher than celebrities are unverifiable, we tend to can verify that the app is not a scam and permits individuals to trade Bitcoin using the Fibonacci strategy with ten minutes time frames
The app, that allows people to deposit at least $250 through mastercard and Sofort, scores 88% rate and a 5 stars as a real software
Since there are several scam cryptos, forex and options brokers who trick individuals to depositing money, and then they run away with the funds, we have taken time to review this software to determine if it is real or a scam.
Is Immediate Edge scam or legit
High success rate is reported by users with this software.
The Immediate Edge web site provides truthful claims about the service though it will not mean the crypto trading risks are eliminated with its use.
Customers should start with the minimum investment and increase it when satisfied with the utilization of the app.
Click the link to access Immediate Edge official web site or keep reading to understand more
This software will not seem to be a scam and users report that it helped them make real money trading on it.b site
What is Immediate Edge App?
Immediate Edgecould be a robot or auto-trading software that allows folks to trade forex, crypto and binary choices. A user deploys the algorithm-primarily based bot, which relies on a trading strategy that's automatically executed on a broker trading platform once deployed.
The strategy is coded or set like to permit the user to automatically get and sell crypto, stock or choices on the broker platform at favorable prices, to form profits. It can do automatic market analysis by analyzing a vast amount of knowledge from completely different sources, at intervals seconds and with high accuracy, then use the data to predict the costs. It can then come up with a transparent buy or sell tradable signal and then execute it automatically by shopping for and/or selling on the broker platform.
The software can, therefore, save a trader thousands of manual hours and labor they might have spent analyzing information to form trading choices and to follow the markets and to position and close trades. You conjointly do not want to understand anything concerning crypto, stock or option trading to use this auto trading app, although it is suggested to possess this information to keep improving on trading.
Trading bots will achieve high success rates of more than 90p.c and have been tested to work. You may be searching for Immediate Edge scam but the website can tell you that you can expect to earn between $950 and $a pair of,two hundred per day using the software but that depends on your expertise. As a newbie, you'll not start making that a lot of immediately and conjointly it depends on how a lot of you invest. With an investment of $250, you'll be able to expect to form a lot of lesser although some people claim to own made $12a pair of in a very few hours using this software.
That will not mean Immediate Edge is error-free. There still is a heap of unpredictable high volatility in crypto and bots will make mistakes and errors to create losses. Auto trading robots are better employed in combination with manual trading strategies.

Immediate Edge Review
How will Immediate Edge work?
All a user has to try and do is join up at the Immediate Edge web site, then deposit funds to have access to the robot, when which they can begin trading by switching on the bot. It will would like no control or intervention from humans, beyond beginning and stopping it.
You additionally need to stay checking, daily, to observe the performance of the software in doing its job and ensure that it is earning any returns needless to say. From there, you can confirm whether or not to extend or decrease your investment towards crypto, options or stock trading using this robot.
You'll be able to also monitor performance to be ready to regulate the trading settings from your dashboard and optimize totally different features of the trading bot for instance set amount of trades or amount to invest in every trade.
Founder of Immediate Edge
In line with the Immediate Edge website, this trading bot was founded by Edwin James. Reportedly, he created billions with forex, crypto, and binary options trading and still shares his strategies on the way to trade the assets on the app.
He founded the app to create it potential for brand spanking new traders to create cash in less than 3 minutes of signing up.
How to sign up on Immediate Edge:
Registration: Registering or signing up on the website is free but to start trading, you want to deposit no less than $250. You discover a registration type on the top right of the page, on that you type in your email, full names and phone numbers and country code. Create a password to be used for logging in later.
Deposit funds: Depositing funds allows you to connect to a robot broker and then you'll begin the bot to start out trading. You'll deposit with Visa, Wire Transfers, Klarna or Skrill. The currencies supported are Swiss Franc, British Pound, US Greenback, and Euro and using a credit or debit card limits deposits to less than $/£/€/?10,00zero in one day and $/£/€/?40,000 in an exceedingly month.
Immediate Edgeisn’t licensed to handle your funds, it works with brokers to handle the cash once it's deposited.
Demo trading: Relying on the broker you're connected to, you can begin to practice trading with the Immediate Edge software. Some brokers do not have this feature on their platforms. Still, with the latter, you can test their options before you deposit cash to try and do live trading. With the demo options, you'll be able to familiarize yourself with the trading house before beginning to use real money to trade.
Trading: Before and when you've got switched on auto-trading, you would like to check the trading settings daily. You'll regulate some things including stop-loss orders and when to try to to them, amount to speculate per trade and how several trades to try to to per day. You'll be able to also choose that cryptocurrencies to trade, and you'll be able to select all the most in style ones together with Bitcoin and Ethereum. You also get to observe the profits/losses and decide if to continue and/or when to prevent.

Withdrawals, user verification, cost of using the app and alternative options

The payouts or withdrawals are made by filling letter of invitation type on the funds’ management page and it can take two operating days to replicate in your checking account. No fee is charged on withdrawals. You'll withdraw your cash including the capital while not a lot of problem on this app, that is better than several that don't enable withdrawals at any time
While some bots need verifications by asking for your ID and statements, this one will not. You are done once uploading your payment details. The bot charges a commission on profit. Besides, you get twenty fouseven client support on Immediate Edge
Immediate Edge may be a legit, secure, user-friendly trading application for crypto, stocks, and choices. It has a zealous customer service and reports a high success rate. Another smart robot we have recently reviewed is Bitcoin Professional
We tend to hope that this review helped you to make a decision concerning this trading app. Additionally, subscribe to our web site to be invariably notified concerning new software from this industry. For live reviews subscribe to our Youtube Channel or FB Page.

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Binary Options Review; Best Binary Options Brokers

Binary Options Review; Best Binary Options Brokers

Binary Options Review; Best Binary Options Brokers
We have compared the best regulated binary options brokers and platforms in May 2020 and created this top list. Every binary options company here has been personally reviewed by us to help you find the best binary options platform for both beginners and experts. The broker comparison list below shows which binary trading sites came out on top based on different criteria.
You can put different trading signals into consideration such as using payout (maximum returns), minimum deposit, bonus offers, or if the operator is regulated or not. You can also read full reviews of each broker, helping you make the best choice. This review is to ensure traders don't lose money in their trading account.
How to Compare Brokers and Platforms
In order to trade binary options, you need to engage the services of a binary options broker that accepts clients from your country e.g. check US trade requirements if you are in the United States. Here at bitcoinbinaryoptionsreview.com, we have provided all the best comparison factors that will help you select which trading broker to open an account with. We have also looked at our most popular or frequently asked questions, and have noted that these are important factors when traders are comparing different brokers:
  1. What is the Minimum Deposit? (These range from $5 or $10 up to $250)
  2. Are they regulated or licensed, and with which regulator?
  3. Can I open a Demo Account?
  4. Is there a signals service, and is it free?
  5. Can I trade on my mobile phone and is there a mobile app?
  6. Is there a Bonus available for new trader accounts? What are the Terms and
  7. conditions?
  8. Who has the best binary trading platform? Do you need high detail charts with technical analysis indicators?
  9. Which broker has the best asset lists? Do they offer forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, indices, and stocks – and how many of each?
  10. Which broker has the largest range of expiry times (30 seconds, 60 seconds, end of the day, long term, etc?)
  11. How much is the minimum trade size or amount?
  12. What types of options are available? (Touch, Ladder, Boundary, Pairs, etc)
  13. Additional Tools – Like Early closure or Metatrader 4 (Mt4) plugin or integration
  14. Do they operate a Robot or offer automated trading software?
  15. What is Customer Service like? Do they offer telephone, email and live chat customer support – and in which countries? Do they list direct contact details?
  16. Who has the best payouts or maximum returns? Check the markets you will trade.
The Regulated Binary Brokers
Regulation and licensing is a key factor when judging the best broker. Unregulated brokers are not always scams, or untrustworthy, but it does mean a trader must do more ‘due diligence’ before trading with them. A regulated broker is the safest option.
Regulators - Leading regulatory bodies include:
  • CySec – The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus and the EU)
  • FCA – Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
  • CFTC – Commodity Futures Trading Commission (US)
  • FSB – Financial Services Board (South Africa)
  • ASIC – Australia Securities and Investment Commission
There are other regulators in addition to the above, and in some cases, brokers will be regulated by more than one organization. This is becoming more common in Europe where binary options are coming under increased scrutiny. Reputable, premier brands will have regulation of some sort.
Regulation is there to protect traders, to ensure their money is correctly held and to give them a path to take in the event of a dispute. It should therefore be an important consideration when choosing a trading partner.
Bonuses - Both sign up bonuses and demo accounts are used to attract new clients. Bonuses are often a deposit match, a one-off payment, or risk-free trade. Whatever the form of a bonus, there are terms and conditions that need to be read.
It is worth taking the time to understand those terms before signing up or clicking accept on a bonus offer. If the terms are not to your liking then the bonus loses any attraction and that broker may not be the best choice. Some bonus terms tie in your initial deposit too. It is worth reading T&Cs before agreeing to any bonus, and worth noting that many brokers will give you the option to ‘opt-out’ of taking a bonus.
Using a bonus effectively is harder than it sounds. If considering taking up one of these offers, think about whether, and how, it might affect your trading. One common issue is that turnover requirements within the terms, often cause traders to ‘over-trade’. If the bonus does not suit you, turn it down.
How to Find the Right Broker
But how do you find a good broker? Well, that’s where BitcoinBinaryOptionsReview.com comes in. We assess and evaluate binary options brokers so that traders know exactly what to expect when signing up with them. Our financial experts have more than 20 years of experience in the financial business and have reviewed dozens of brokers.
Being former traders ourselves, we know precisely what you need. That’s why we’ll do our best to provide our readers with the most accurate information. We are one of the leading websites in this area of expertise, with very detailed and thorough analyses of every broker we encounter. You will notice that each aspect of any broker’s offer has a separate article about it, which just goes to show you how seriously we approach each company. This website is your best source of information about binary options brokers and one of your best tools in determining which one of them you want as your link to the binary options market.
Why Use a Binary Options Trading Review?
So, why is all this relevant? As you may already know, it is difficult to fully control things that take place online. There are people who only pose as binary options brokers in order to scam you and disappear with your money. True, most of the brokers we encounter turn out to be legit, but why take unnecessary risks?
Just let us do our job and then check out the results before making any major decisions. All our investigations regarding brokers’ reliability can be seen if you click on our Scam Tab, so give it a go and see how we operate. More detailed scam reports than these are simply impossible to find. However, the most important part of this website can be found if you go to our Brokers Tab.
There you can find extensive analyses of numerous binary options brokers irrespective of your trading strategy. Each company is represented with an all-encompassing review and several other articles dealing with various aspects of their offer. A list containing the very best choices will appear on your screen as you enter our website whose intuitive design will allow you to access all the most important information in real-time.
We will explain minimum deposits, money withdrawals, bonuses, trading platforms, and many more topics down to the smallest detail. Rest assured, this amount of high-quality content dedicated exclusively to trading cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, visiting us before making any important decisions regarding this type of trading is the best thing to do.
CONCLUSION: Stay ahead of the market, and recover from all kinds of binary options trading loss, including market losses in bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and forex markets too. Send your request via email to - [email protected]
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Senity.io là gì? Hướng dẫn chi tiết A-Z sàn Senity -Kiếm Tiền Online 4.0

Senity.io là gì? Hướng dẫn chi tiết A-Z sàn Senity -Kiếm Tiền Online 4.0
Hiện nay, Binary Option là một xu hướng được các nhà giao dịch lựa chọn nhiều, cách kiếm tiền trong các sàn BO như thế nào? Trong bài viết này tôi sẽ giới thiệu về sàn giao dịch BO Senity.io – đây là sàn giao dịch mới ra mắt. Vậy Senity là gì? Cách thức giao dịch kiếm tiền trên Senity như thế nào hiệu quả, mời các bạn cùng xem qua bài viết dưới đây để hiểu hơn.
Mục lục hướng dẫn
Senity io là gì?
Senity có lừa đảo không?
Hướng dẫn tài khoản Senity
Hướng dẫn nạp/rút tiền trên Senity
Hướng dẫn tạo tài khoản LIVE/DEMO giao dịch
Hướng dẫn giao dịch trên Senity
Hướng dẫn sử dụng BackOffice
Chính sách nhượng quyền Fanchise
Liên hệ Cộng đồng hỗ trợ – SKD TEAM

Senity.io là gì?
Senity.io là sàn giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân (Binary Options) trong thị trường tài chính hay còn gọi là giao dịch phái sinh quốc tế mới được đánh giá là khá ổn trên thị trường ở thời điểm hiện tại về cả mức độ thanh khoản, độ mượt mà của sàn và cả cộng đồng tham gia rất lớn mạnh.
Sàn Senity
Senity có lừa đảo không?
· Senity giao dịch dựa trên sự suy đoán về tỷ giá giữa cặp tiền ETH và USD trong mỗi phiên giao dịch.
· Với mình chọn sàn thì có 2 ưu tiên lớn nhất: Tính thanh khoản và Giá trị đồng tiền giao dịch của sàn thì 2 tiêu trí này Senity đáp ứng được.
· Khác với các hình thức đầu tư tài chính khác, giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân rất đơn giản và hoàn toàn phù hợp với cả những nhà đầu tư mới. Chỉ bằng cách đưa ra dự đoán xu hướng tăng hoặc xu hướng giảm của thị trường, nếu dự đoán của bạn chính xác bạn sẽ được tiền, nếu dự đoán sai bạn sẽ mất tiền.
· Đối với thị trường BO, điều quan trọng nhất không phải là bạn có số vốn lớn, mà là bạn cần phải có kỷ luật trong giao dịch. Ngoài ra nếu bạn có khả năng quản lý vốn và khả năng phân tích thị trường bạn sẽ đủ khả năng để khống chế thị trường.

Hướng dẫn tài khoản Senity
Đăng ký tài khoản Senity
Bước 1: Truy cập trực tiếp link đăng ký: https://senity.io/id/239341, sau đó điền đầy đủ và chính xác thông tin:
1. Email: Địa chỉ email của bạn
2. Mã Upline: Kiểm tra đúng ID 239341 để được kích hoạt FREE Fanchise (Liên hệ zalo hoặc telegram Phone: 0985356622)
3. Mật khẩu: Nhập mật khẩu đăng nhập
4. Mật khẩu: Nhập mật khẩu đăng nhập lại lần nữa
5. Click vào “I’m not a robot
6. Sau đó nhấn REGISTER

Đăng ký theo các bước trên
Bước 2: Kích hoạt tài khoản khoản Senity
Vào Hộp thư đến trong email và nhấn vào Verify Account:

Kích hoạt tài khoản
· Tiếp theo nhấn ACTIVE NOW để hoàn thành

Kích hoạt senity
Kích hoạt tài khoản
Hoàn thành quá trình đăng ký tài khoản Senity nhận Free Fanchise, tiếp theo đăng nhập vào tài khoản và thực hiện các thao tác.
Đăng nhập tài khoản Senity:
Đăng nhập vào hệ thống Senity bằng tài khoản Email và Mật khẩu vừa đăng ký ở bước trên.
· Email: Email đã đăng ký tài khoản
· Password: Mật khẩu đăng nhập
· Check vào “I’m not a robot
· Cuối cùng nhấn LOGIN để đăng nhập

Đăng nhập Senity
Hướng dẫn nạp/rút tiền trên Senity
Senity cho phép người dùng sử dụng Tether USDT (ERC20) trong việc Nạp – Rút tiền.
· Nạp tối thiểu: 50 USDT
· Rút tối thiểu: 20 USDT
Hướng dẫn nạp tiền
Bước 1: Tạo ví USDT Wallet trên Senity
· Tại mục Wallet > Nhấn vào “Create new Tether USD (ERC-20) wallet

Tạo ví USDT Senity
· Kiểm tra ví USDT ERC 20

Mã ví USDT Senity
Địa chỉ ví USDT
Bước 2: Thao tác lấy địa chỉ ví USDT ERC20 để gửi cho người bán USDT.
· Địa chỉ ví USDT: 0xac……2a36
· Số lượng: 50 USDT trở lên
Lấy mã ví Senity

Sau khi người bán chuyển USDT xác nhận thành thành công, hãy kiểm tra số dư tại mục Wallet.
Hướng dẫn rút tiền
Thao tác rút tiền trên sàn Senity như sau: (1) Wallet -> (2) Withdraw -> (3) Điền thông tin rút tiền -> (4) Nhấn Withdraw
· Amount: Số lượng rút USDT, tối thiểu 50 USDT
· To USDT ERC20: Địa chỉ ví USDT ERC20
· Password: Mật khẩu
· Cuối cùng nhấn Withdraw

Chuyển USDT Senity
Rút tiền
Hướng dẫn tạo tài khoản LIVE/DEMO giao dịch
\Chú ý\: Tài khoản LIVE có số dư < 1$ nếu không có lệnh nạp sẽ bị xóa trong vòng 48.*
Tạo tài khoản LIVE
(1) Accounts
(2) Tại mục LIVE ACCOUNTS chọn +Add account
(3) Nhập Mật khẩu giao dịch (Khác với Mật khẩu đăng nhập) cho tài khoản LIVE và nhấn Create

Tạo tài khoản Live Senity
Sau khi tạo tài khoản LIVE thành công, bạn chỉ cần nạp tiền và giao dịch.

Tài khoản live
Tạo tài khoản DEMO
Cũng giống như tạo tài khoản LIVE, tạo tài khoản DEMO tương tự như sau:

Tạo tài khoản DEMO Senity
Hướng dẫn giao dịch trên Senity
Trong mỗi phiên giao dịch nó sẽ diễn ra trong thời gian 60 giây. Chúng ta có 30 giây đầu (Order) để chúng ta chọn kết quả và 30 giây sau (Payout) là thời gian hiển thị kết quả.

Giao diện giao dịch
Hướng dẫn sử dụng BackOffice
· Depsoit: Hiển thị thông tin nạp USDT
· Withdraw: Mục rút USDT
· Wallet In: Hiển thị giao dịch từ ví của người khác sang ví của bạn
· Wallet Out: Hiển thị giao dịch từ ví cá nhân sang tài khoản để trade
Live Accounts:
· Là tài khoản chính, để chuyển tiền từ ví của bạn sang để vào sàn giao dịch BO
· Tài khoản này sử dụng USDT thật để trade, có thể tạo mật khẩu riêng cho từng account
· Tài khoản thường được tạo tối đa 2 LIVE account
· Được quyền rút và chuyển
Demo Accounts:
· Sàn cho sử dụng USDT demo lên đến 10.0000$/lần. Sử dụng demo không được rút hoặc chuyển
· Không giới hạn tạo tài khoản demo
My Partners
My Partners là những người đã đăng ký thông qua đường link của mình. My Partners chúng ta cũng sẽ thấy được những thông tin sau:
· Users: Thông tin emai đã đăng ký của đồng đội
· Volume Trade: Số lượng USDT đã giao dịch (Thông qua trade)
· Member: Hiển thị số lượng đồng đội phía dưới của họ
· Level: Hiển thị họ đã nhượng quyền (Franchise) Hay chưa – 0.0 “chưa”/ 1 “rồi”
· Status: Hiển thị chi tiết đồng đội của phía dưới
· Create at: Ngày đăng ký của đồng đội
Commission là khoản lợi nhuận khi bạn trade sàn sẽ trả về cho bạn trên mỗi lượt giao dịch. Cũng như bao gồm khoản lợi nhuận từ việc giao dịch trade của đồng đội bạn.
· Commission In: Thể hiện chi tiết hoa hồng từ việc bạn trade
· Commission Out: Thể hiện chi tiết giao dịch rút hoa hồng về ví của bạn
Chính sách nhượng quyền Fanchise:
Chính sách nhượng quyền Fanchise
Tiền Hoa hồng được công vào phần Commission của tài khoản Senity:

Fanchise Senity
Cộng đồng hỗ trợ – SKD TEAM
Đội nhóm hỗ trợ nhiệt tình 24/7.
Có đội ngũ chuyên gia hỗ trợ cho lệnh trade/ đọc lệnh mỗi ngày với nhiề khung giờ khác nhau.
Hỗ trợ mua bán thanh khoản chỉ trong 5′.
Được sự dẫn dắt các chuyên gia tài chính hàng đầu Việt Nam.
Tham gia:
· Team Telegram: https://t.me/SKDGroup6789
· Telegram hỗ trợ: Son_0985356622
Get link Ref
ID Ref là ID trong Link Ref của bạn. VD: https://senity.io/id/239341-> ID Ref*:* 239341
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Start trading with free signals now.

Start trading with free signals now.
Start trading with free signals now.
Try trading on a demo account without investing real money. See for yourself how easy it is to start earning.

#vfxalert #vfxalertsignals #binarytrading #binaryoptions #binaryoptionssignals #binary #signals #options
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The $100K Club Review - Latest Software ! The $100K Club

Wait! Before you buy The $100K Club, Read Simon Johnson's The $100K Club System Review - find out if it stands up to the hype! Is it Legit or Scam?
What is The $100K Club :
The $100K Club System is the English version of Option Rally and is a semi-automated trade program for binary options. It analyses 11 indicators and initiates a trade that only needs to be confirmed by the user. This rules out errors and frustrating days in front of the computer. A few clicks is all it takes. .
==>Check Out The 100K Club Official Website<==
1) Download
You can download the software free and without obligation from the official website at
You can test The $100K Club System with $500 Demo money WITHOUT depositing money and convince yourself of power of The $100K Club System!
Once the trial period expires, you can choose to purchase the full version. The price is set by trade volume and starts at $297 to $2397 per month.
2) Installation and activation
The installation process is self-explanatory and only takes a few minutes. The trade account with Vault Options Finance is equally created in just a few steps.
For a proper trial, I would recommend loading the Options Maker Finance trading account with at least 200, – $ or more. Depositing funds is secure and smooth, whether you use your credit card, a bank transfer or any other popular payment method.
3) Use
Once you have deposited funds, your software is ready to use immediately. As soon as you receive a signal, simply confirm the trade. 1 click – that’s it!
I was really impressed with the ease of use. All procedures are explained in detail and foolproof. I set up my first trade at dusk and realised a substantial profit on my first day.
What We Like Best With The Platform:
Free download of the software
Compatible with Windows and MAC computer
Free demo account with demo money
Automatic search for binary signals
Once we access the member’s area, here are what is included:
Free binary option training
Step by step guide to the system
Professional traders/brokers
The method of trading being simple is easy to understand
The beginners can learn through easily.
Rewards and risks go hand in hand.
Percentage profit will not be affected by any amendment in the market trends.
Losses in the trade can cost you more than what you could have earned through winning
Bottom Line:
The $100K Club System is definitely not a scam. It’s a free training. You are the one to decide how much money you should put into forex. This is plain and simple. I’ve followed this training from past 1 week and have made over $2540 in profits. I only invested $500 when I started. I just can’t believe it is possible. I never thought about putting my money into forex because of the hesitation and risk of loosing money but now I’m relieved to see the profits I’m making.
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What is SynchroBit Digital Assets Trading Platform All About?

SynchroBit.io (“SynchroBit”) is a Centralized P2P Digital Assets Trading Platform for trading all kinds of listed digital assets with both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
SynchroBit™ is service and platform of SYNCHRONIUM LLC, and as an official trademark of SYNCHRONIUM LLC. It is a part of its innovative ecosystem, the SynchroSphere. SynchroBit benefits from a wide range of new technologies for faster, smarter, cheaper, and better trading of digital assets and provides the users with integrated 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, and online ticketing systems.
Registration on SynchroBit™ is free and open to everyone above 18 years old from non-sanctioned countries and territories by the European Union, and United Nations Security Council.
SynchroBit™ is an evolving digital assets trading platform which will be developed and upgraded in various versions to provide the users with higher standards, faster, smarter, and better trading opportunities and options.
What is the SNB Token?
SynchroBit™ will use its own native cryptocurrency, the SynchroBit Coin (SNB) which is an ERC-20 Ethereum based token. Users with passing the KYC/AML process can participate in SNB Token crowd-sales on www.snbtoken.io, by considering the terms and conditions and reading the official whitepaper provided on the website. Based on the SynchroBit business policy, trading with SNB token on SynchroBit.io will be free and the holders will benefit from added-value services and loyalty programs which will be only available to use by SNB Token. In addition to SynchroBit trading platform, SNB Token will be integrated with other major platforms of SYNCHRONIUM to increase its popularity and applications.
Why SynchroBit™
Digital assets trading is a fast-growing trend in the global financial market. A digital assets trading platform is an online platform which enables the users to trade various kinds of tradable assets and funds, including cryptocurrencies, futures, options, stocks, currencies, etc.
With an overview of the existing major trading platforms, someone can observe a wide range of problems from the user’s point of view including (but not limited to);

SynchroBit™ is designed by an international group of experts from various sectors including digital assets trading, blockchain, programming, cybersecurity, digital marketing, financial services, and investment advisors to provide the users with innovative solutions and tools to minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs.
SynchroBit™ aims to minimize the conventional boundaries and provide its users with a comprehensive platform for trading various kinds of digital assets in various trading ways including binary options, futures, options, and smart contracts.
SynchroBit™ is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading platform on which users are dealing with each other anonymously. Due to its P2P nature, users play a key role in the liquidity of the assets. However, SynchroBit™ will also provide the adequate liquidity for the trading of assets and funds in partnership with global liquidity providers.
SynchroBit™ is a hybrid trading platform which benefits from the both technological features of centralized exchange (CEX) and decentralized exchange (DEX). Due to its innovative technology and features, users will experience leading-edge security, integrity, and functionality on SynchroBit™.
SynchroBit™ aims to minimize the trading fees by introducing its own native monetary system via its token, SynchroBit Coin (SNB) token, by which the trading fees will be zero.
SynchroBit™ is more than a digital assets trading platform and provides a wide range of innovative solutions and value-added services to its valuable users including advanced analytics, virtual trading, social trading, and many more through its upcoming new versions.
SynchroBit™ is incredibly fast and its speed will be enhanced and improved through the next upcoming versions as well. Basically, SynchroBit™ can handle 1,000,000 TXP which means every TX will take place only in 40 Nano Seconds (40 billionths of a second) on SynchroBit™.
SynchroBit™ APIs enable 3rd party developers to develop new applications and solutions to create new platforms and services. The core technology of SynchroBit™ synchronizes the integration of various trading solutions via hyper-secure connections.
Diversity and Simplicity
SynchroBit™ aims to provide its valuable users with a diversified range of features, options, tools, and solutions while keeping its simplicity of use and functionality. This is and always will be the essence of SynchroBit™ as a trading platform.
SynchroBit™ initial version comes with innovative features for trading cryptocurrency assets with fiat and cryptocurrencies. While the keeping the core technology more advanced and secure, SynchroBit™ will continue to add new trading features and markets to provide its users with diversified assets and markets.
Working with SynchroBit™ will be quite simple for both newcomers and professional traders and our support team will be always available to our customers in 24 hours, 7 days a week via phone, live chat, email, video conference, social media, and advanced CRM system.
Enhanced User Engagement
Since SYNCHRONIUM® manifesto indicates it’s a global enterprise of the people, by the people, and for the people, SynchroBit™ is also the same. We have open doors to our users via our platform and welcome their participation in making SynchroBit™ faster, smarter, and better than ever.
User engagement on SynchroBit™ is a principle strategy to enhance the functionality and the popularity of the trading platform to everyone. SynchroBit™ provides its valuable users with a wide range of communicational and socializing tools including public and private chatrooms, trading groups, forums, tournaments, loyalty programs, and public summits to make SynchroBit™ a platform for smart trading.
Integrated Customer Support and Services
In fact, integrated customer support and services (ICSS) is a neglected on most of existing trading platforms. SynchroBit™ team believes that ICSS is one of our key competitive advantages in the market due to our superior ICSS policy and procedures.
There will be various membership plans available to our valuable users ranging from basic to platinum which provides them with a wide range of services ranging from advanced analytics, market insights, account management, etc.
SynchroBit™ users will experience the customer intimacy like no one else. Our customers will be arranged so that they will have their own account managers who solve their problem and helps them to improve their performances on SynchroBit™.
We are committed to obeying the international laws and regulation on Anti-Money Laundry (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) to prevent any potential abuse of our platform for outlaw behavior or activity. However, due to our responsibility to our valuable users, their information and data will be always considered as classified information with the Confidentiality Rank of C4 (the highest confidentiality rank at SYNCHRONIUM® which mean such information only can be provided to courts and law enforcement organization through the legal procedures).
A well-trained team of customer support agents, working under the supervision of well-experienced customer support managers will provide SynchroBit™ users with 24 hours, 7 days a week support to asking their questions, solving their problems, and providing them with useful information. SynchroBit™ Customer Service Center is a decentralized and globally distributed network with agents speaking English, Russia, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, and French languages.
Although SynchroBit™ user interface is in the English language, however, we’ll provide our platform in the other languages for our users which are mostly used by them. At this phase, since we are analyzing the most used languages by our future costumers and adding new languages will be accomplished gradually in the next versions on SynchroBit™. It’s important to note that by releasing SynchroBit™ Version 1.0, all major languages used by SynchroBit™ users will be available.
SynchroBit™ Wallets
SynchroBit™ users can enjoy the most diversified wallet features provided on any trading platform ever! As a P2P digital assets trading platform, SynchroBit™ has implemented all required wallets for the users.
Cold Wallet
Every SynchroBit™ user can easily integrate her cold-wallet with our platform. currently, we have cooperated with Trezor, which is one of the most popular and secure cold-wallet providers in the market. While trading, user just need to connect her Trezor cold-wallet and enable its integration with SynchroBit™, safely transfer their funds for trading and/or withdraw their crypto funds safely and directly to her old wallet!
In next version, we’ll integrate other cold-wallets including Ledger and Meta Mask for more convenience of our valuable users.
Crypto Wallets
Unlike the other trading platforms, every user on SynchroBit™ will benefit advanced and highly secure crypto wallets. In addition to the features stated before, these wallets have additional features, including

The crypto wallets are available for various coins including BTC, BCH, ETH, XLM, ZEC, LTC, and XRP.
Meanwhile, all ETH based tokens are supported by SynchroBit™ Crypto Wallets.
The maximum withdrawal limit from SynchroBit™ wallets for the users who have not passed their KYC is 5 BTC (or its equivalent value to other cryptocurrencies) in every 24 hours.
Crypto Addresses
In addition to crypto wallets, users can generate the unlimited number of crypto addresses for their crypto wallets which are fully integrated. Every 24 hours, a user can generate a new crypto address for her BTC, BCH, ZEC, and LTC wallets while keeping and using the older crypto addresses.
This feature increases the security of the wallets and the assets of the users, as well.
Fiat Wallet
Fiat wallets are one of the great features of SynchroBit™. This feature is only available for the users who successfully passed their KYC/AML process by the support team. There is no limit for depositing fiat funds on the fiat wallets, however, withdrawals require the banking procedures and clearance for large amounts depending on EU and USA banking regulations for transferring of funds.
Users can deposit their fiat funds via the following procedures:

Any deposit and withdrawals from the fiat wallets require the confirmation of SynchroBit™ for ensuring the security measures of user funds.
Depositing on fiat wallets has zero fees, however, withdrawals may include charges and fees, depending on the bank, currency, regulations, and limits.
SynchroBit™ fiat deposits and withdrawals are available in US$ and Euro, however, in the next versions, depositing more fiat currencies including Turkish Lira, GBP, AED, AUD, CAD, CHF, Rubble, JPY, and GEL.
Diversified Markets
SynchroBit™ will not be limited only to the trading of cryptocurrencies. Based on the roadmap, in addition to a diversified and comprehensive market for the trading of valuable and reliable cryptocurrencies, SynchroBit™ will add new markets including metal markets, energy markets, commodity markets, and other tradable digital assets in its upcoming versions.
Diversified Trading Methods
SynchroBit™ opens new horizons for the users to trade the digital assets in P2P manner. in addition to formal trades with the market price, setting limits and stop-limits, SynchroBit™ introduces Trend-Limit which is an innovative way of setting various stop-limits to minimize the trading risk.
In addition to formal P2P binary trading, SynchroBit users will benefit from other trading methods including margin trading and features trading in the next versions.
How to Help Us?
Developing, maintaining and upgrading SynchroBit™ is a costly work that evolves an international team of experts. Interested people can participate in SNB Token ICO by visiting www.snbtoken.io and join our crowd-sales. The raised funds from the crowd-sales will be used by SYNCHRONIUM LLC to develop and launch the next version of SynchroBit.
Need further information?
To find out more about SynchroBit project you may visit www.snbtoken.io and read the final version of SynchroBit Whitepaper.
In addition, our FAQ page may help you to get more information about SynchroBit, its features, functionality, and services.
You may be interested to try the demo of SynchroBit and explore its features and functionality. Click here to explore how it works!
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Free signals

Free signals
Free signals are great tools to learn how to make money on binary options. Remember, if you are an absolute beginner, we recommend that you start with a demo account and free signals, study one strategy after another and choose for yourself one strategy that is ideal for you.
To generate profit, signals for binary options are used by beginners and successful traders, since the signals allow you to make a forecast on the price change.

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Start trading with free signals now

Start trading with free signals now
Start trading with free signals now. Try trading on a demo account without investing real money. See for yourself how easy it is to start earning.

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New to Forex_Tips Subreddit?

Let's Get Straight To The Point -





We will give you assistance on creating a realistic and completely free demo account in order for you to practice, many believe you shouldn't use a demo account for more than 6 months as it does not give you a real understanding of the market as there is no emotional fear of losing money, however, i strongly recommend using the demo account until you are confident and comfortable to trade the real market. (I traded a demo account for 2 years before i felt comfortable enough to live trade, however i did not have good learning material to speed up my progress)



The main reason for this Subreddit is to educate you on up to date tips, strategies and advice. Please understand that we are NOT your financial adviser and we are NOT here to tell you when to make trades. All of our trade signals are from correct and professional technical and fundamental analysis. No trading strategy has a 100% win rate and we hold no responsibility for any losses you may encounter. *FOLLOW OUR TRADES AT YOUR OWN RISK*
Stocks, Options, Binary options, Forex and Future trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the stock, binary options or futures markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose especially with leveraged instruments such as binary options trading, futures trading or Forex trading. This Subreddit is not an indication to Buy/Sell stocks, futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this Subreddit. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. You could lose all of your money fast due too: poor market trading conditions, mechanical error, emotional induced errors, news surprises and earnings releases just as well as grow your profits incredibly due to the same reasons.
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Start trading with free signals now.

Start trading with free signals now.
Start trading with free signals now.
Try trading on a demo account without investing real money. See for yourself how easy it is to start earning.

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Does Olymp Trade is best app for Binary or Forex trading?

First of all, I think it is important to clarify that Olymp Trade is NOT a binary options platform! It is a Digital Options platform, there is a bit difference between the types of tradings. Also, Olymp Trade has a forex platform-app, so, in total, 2 platforms-apps for trading. I have been trading with them for more than one year and a half, and I really like the apps! It is very easy to use and understand the tools and the graph. So, my answer is, Olymp Trade is the best company for trading Digital Options an Forex! I can assure that, considering that since I started, I am making a really good profit. Besides having a great app, they also offer many training materials and webinars for beginners, as well as for experienced traders. Another positive point about the platforms, is that both have free demo accounts, in which you can make trainings of your trading strategies.
UpForex Presenting US100 NO Deposit Bonus available for the fresh clients that register for the promotion till it is valid. Take the opportunity to test Live Forex Trading as well as the UpForex Broker. Apply now and trade with the 100 Welcome Bonus to start to explore the trading services now!
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IQ Option is looking for Introducing Brokers

Every one, hello.
What is Introducing Broker?
IQ Option|IB is a cooperation model designed to remunerate participants for IQ Option platform popularization.
Limitless earning opportunities.
IBs are getting paid a commission based on the profit generated by traders they introduce to our platform. There are no limits on the number of trader accounts, trading volumes or marketing techniques. You can get up to 45% of brokers profit.
Working with IQ Option IB is a piece of cake!
We have gathered everything an introducer might ever need:
IQ Option is a platform that sells itself.
It boasts a wide choice of trading instruments and a single account to trade them all:
What your traders will get:
IB program is designed for individuals and companies operating in fields of:
Getting started is quick and easy, requires no upfront investment, complex integration or deep KYC.
Just leave us an application with a short description of your introducing strategy, preferable way of cooperation and we will get in touch with you shortly.
Sign up today!
IQ Option | IB
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Pocket Option Review - Fast Payouts and High Returns

Looking for a free demo account to trade binary options? Get one here: http://binary-options-brokers-reviews.com/x/pocketoption Pocket Option is my prefered Broker for sime time now, i like the Ladder Options and Pending Order feature! Get more information about binary options trading and the best binary options broker reviews: http://binary-options-brokers-reviews.com/

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Free money part 2. DD inside.

So I recently posted about this.
It's kind of a daily binary option on SPX ending the day more than 15 points up. If it does, it closes at 100 and if it doesn't, it closes at 0.
I think this is free money. My hypothesis being that SPX surely can't keep on going up by more than 0.5% day on day so if I keep selling, I keep on the net gaining money. The contra argument was that SPX has been hitting ATH every other day for the past few years so there is no way this is going to work. However this bet still allows for SPX to increase as long as it's not by more than 15 points.
I analysed SPX from 14 Feb 2010 to 14 Feb 2018, most of which was during a raging bull period.
Over this period, SPX ended the day by more than 15 points only 13% of the time. Even during the up days, it closed by more than 15 months only 23.8% of the time.
So historic data shows I should have a pretty good win rate selling this option. Please note there is no risk of unlimited loss as increase is capped at 100.
The only sticking point is that the price of this position opens at different points. For the past few days it's been opening at around 20-30 to sell. so I could be gaining 30 pips for two days but lose it all as I lost 70 pips one another day, However it doesn't appear to go above 70 until late in the session, so that's a good stop loss.
I am trying this out on a demo account atm. Just selling £10 a point at open, and leave it to close at end of the day. Made £217 yesterday and £231 day before. On track to making £168 today.
I will do this for a few months and see what happens. If results are good, I will trade with real money but at just £1 a point.
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Guidelines on how to create well-designed, mechanically sound, and balanced weapons.

NOTE: The following is a set of guidelines made to assist in the better creation of balanced weapons. The keyword being guideline. These are not rules, they are merely suggestions, if not pretty damn good ones.
Making and balancing weapons for Team Arena Shooter games like Team Fortress 2 is not an easy job. Every aspect of the game affects every other aspect, one class will change another class plays, while some weapons will affect what another weapon is like. The viability and utility of different portions of the game will, regardless of intent, alter how other (sometimes entirely unrelated) sections of the game are played. With this in mind, this guide has been created to help highlight some key design points of the game. From the knowledge explained hereon, your ability to create and balance weapons in Team Fortress 2 and other games will be augmented.
This list will be split into different sections focusing on different portions of the game. The main three sections will be of most importance, while any latter ones will primarily be recommendations. The three primary aspects that are focused are design, mechanics, and balancing. Regardless of what you may perceive, the most important aspect of weapon creation is the design of the weapon. What purpose your weapon serves and how it will achieve that from the get go will determine how it is built. The mechanics of the game are what you will have to chose to dictate how the weapon functions and plays out. While balancing is arguably the least important aspect, it is regardless the one that will determine how well your product will come to fruition. You can not after all, build a castle on top of quicksand; So, as a rule of thumb, do not focus on the balance of the weapon from the start, focus on the design of the weapon, and how you are going to put the weapon in place.
Effective roles
Regardless of what class you are making a weapon for, one thing will hold true: The stock weapons are the generalist weapons. They are meant to be able to function in every scenario as well as the other. Stock weapons follow the simple role that they are meant to kill, there is not a single stock weapon in game that is not built to kill (or in the case of the EngineeSpy PDA and the Medigun- to allow to kill). Thus, any weapon you create has to be a specialist weapon of some sort. Your weapon must be built to complete a role more effectively than the stock weapon, while doing another role less effectively than stock. Certain weapons may even be built to function an entire different role set than the stock (such as with the iconic Dead Ringer, Gunslinger, and Chargin’ Targe). Yet even with the aspect of having a different role as a whole, those weapons must still be, relative to stock, specialist weapons.
Conflicting roles
There have been many cases within Team Fortress 2 that have displayed a failure in the design of weapons to have fully independent roles. Sometimes this is due to the stock weapons themselves not fulfilling a role properly (such as with most classes default melee weapons), but many times this can be because the unlock weapon simply does everything better than the stock weapon. One of the prime examples of this issue is the Degreaser before the Tough Break update, the role it served was simply doing everything that stock did, but better. Another example is the Diamondback, a weapon that effective does the same role as the stock revolver- but better. When creating a weapon, find a role that has not been filled by another weapon. Try to stray away from creating weapons that fulfil the same role as another weapon.
Lack of a role
In the same vein of having conflicting roles, some weapons do not appear to have any distinct role in their design at all. Weapons that fall within this category tend to either be absolutely useless, or the de facto default. The Sun on a Stick and Sharpened Volcano Fragment come forth as prime examples of the first. Both those weapons lack any discernible features that would make them worthwhile compared to the other available weapons, which in turn, means they are rarely used. The Pain Train display the latter end of the scale, where in a coordinated environment Soldiers and Demomen alike will use the Pain Train as a default if they do not wish to use other options, as it does not affect the playstyle of the player as a whole. Weapons should be designed so that they follow distinct roles that can easily be discerned from others. If done properly, this ensures that all weapons see common usage.
Overtly specific roles
While lacking an individual function can be the killing factor of a weapon, so too can be having far too individual of a role. While the addition of being able to swap out weapons in the battlefield has alleviated the issue with having to respawn to change your current weapon set, this has still remained a prominent issue. Players most often pick whatever weapon will allow them to accomplish a goal, while also being able to do other things afterwards. Rarely do players pick weapons that will be of no use to them later on. Hence why stock weapons are among the most popular weapons overall, even if relative to other available options they may be cheaper. Take the Liberty Launcher as a weapon overall- Due to it’s low damage output per rocket, it functions mainly as an anti-light class rocket launcher, paired up with the high rocket speed it functions greatly against Scouts; Yet poorly against most other classes. Which has caused it to remain the lesser used of Soldier’s Rocket Launchers. Although weapons must be specialists to be balanced relative to stock, try to keep them functioning at a level where they can still be useful overall.
Effective range
An often neglected aspect of weapon balancing is the weapon’s effective range. Some weapons are better suited for close range combat, others for combat at range. Some classes are even built entire to be functional with a specific effective range. The class that a weapon is built for highly dictates at what range their weapons should be effective. For comparison, a Pyro’s flamethrower is always a close range weapon, Shotguns are more of a mid range weapons, yet weapons such as the Scorch Shot are more effective at range. Classes should be built to have some ability at both close and long range, but they should be focused mainly for close/mid range combat. The reason for this being that the majority of TF2 is not built for long range combat. Take the Loch and Load as a weapon for example. The issue with it in game has never been it’s damage, or it’s clip size. The fault was always that it could hit further away faster than the Grenade Launcher. The Sniper class comes as another example, where he is currently one of the more game breaking classes because of how effective he is at range relative to other classes. Yet in that same vein, you do not want your weapons to be built for close range combat that is too short. Pyro’s flamethrowers constantly have this issue, where the range of the weapon is so small that Pyros fails to function the majority of the time simply due to the range advantage other classes have over the Flamethrower. Try to keep weapons built around mid range combat.
Mobility is health
And vice-versa. The higher mobility a class has, the more effective health the class has. Mobility based weapons can highly influence the game’s damage balancing. A class that has higher mobility can effectively dodge damage, or put themselves in situations where they are less affected by damage. A Scout’s double jump allows them to evade projectiles, while a Soldier’s rocket jumps allow them to stay at heights or positions where they are less likely to get shot at in the first place. In this sense you can see, the higher mobility, the more effective health the class has. In the opposite grain, a Heavy may have the highest health pool, but he remains one of the easier classes to kill when by themselves as they cannot dodge damage; Thus, the Heavy’s effective health is lower than his actual health. If a weapon changes the mobility of a class, be mindful of how much it affects how much the damage can be evaded. And if a weapon affects the health of the class, be mindful of how this might affect the mobility.
Area of denial
Another name for this concept is attrition- The control of territory. Four classes in Team Fortress 2 are built around this, Sniper, Heavy, Demoman and Engineer. Each class functions and executes its mean of territorial control. Sniper and Demoman both run of the aspect of instantly killing the enemy that comes into their territory. While Engineer (more so the sentry) and Heavy both function as roadblocks of sort, where any enemy coming into their effective range take damage over time until they are dead. In a brutally honest sense- Area of Denial is not fun in the basest sense. Players do not like having their routes of access closed, and players do not like being attacked by enemies in their own territory. Even so the line of attrition must exist, the territory controlled by each party must exist. In that sense it is a necessary evil. A sniper carries the advantage of having an infinite distance to both defend and assault from. While a Demo can hold multiple points from the opponents either in the form of traps or attacks. The only thing that balances out the aspect of area of denial is that the effort required by the party to assault the enemy territory must be met with an equal effort from the defending party to hold the ground. This is why classes such as Demoman and Heavy are seen as balanced for both defense and offense, while classes such as Engineer (which do not themselves have to attack the enemy) are seen as extremely unfun- As the Engineer’s sentry does not take as much effort to build as it takes the enemy to outgun it. When designing any area of denial weapon, make sure the user with the weapon has to put in as much work as the player that must attack the area being denied.
Primary weapons define the playstyle
The primary weapon of a class might not be the first weapon slot of a class. Yet even so, every class has some weapon slot where the weapons define entirely how the class will play out. This can range from how the class deals damage to how the class gets around the map, or even how the class goes about building (in the case of the Engineer). Take Spy for example. Many players would say that Spy’s primary weapon is his knives, but it is not the case. While the Spy may be iconicized by his knifes, it is the Spy’s watches that define how he will play throughout the match. Thus, the watch slot is the Spy’s primary weapon. When designing primary weapons, try to focus on building a weapon that fulfils a playstyle.
Secondary weapons reinforcer the playstyle
Similarly to the primary weapons, secondary weapons might not exactly be on the second slot. The purpose of the secondary weapons is to directly augment or reinforce the playstyle of the primary weapon. For example, the Engineer’s Shotgun weapons. They do not dictate how the engineer will play as much as the wrenches do, but they do reinforce how the wrenches will play. Whether it be aggressively or passively is up to the player, but certain weapons fit certain roles better. When creating secondary weapons, try to find a role of a primary weapon, and consider how your secondary weapon will affect the playstyle as a whole.
Tertiary weapons provide utility
For most classes the tertiary weapons are the melee weapons. Tertiary weapons provide neither the direct playstyle, nor the bigger influence to the playstyle. They are primarily spare utility that exists if needed. For the most part, weapons that provide mobility or survivability are used, though there are obvious exceptions. Consider the Medic melee weapons for example, they all function relatively equal for most loadouts, same applies for the Soldier melees. When designing a tertiary weapon, strive to create an extremely generalist weapon that can function overall for most set ups.
Note: Not every class has only one primary/secondary/tertiary weapon
The designation of primary/secondary/tertiary weapon is mainly to designate the relation between usage and design. Some classes may have different combinations of these weapons. Spy for example, could be argued to have one secondary slot and two primary slots (Invis. Watches and Knives), considering how both the knife and watches can change the playstyle of the class. Medic could also be argued to only have one primary weapon and two tertiary weapons, as only the Medigun effectively changes how the Medic is played. How each class is designed in this regard is entirely subjective. But it is worth noting this oddity, as it may influence how you design your weapons and how your experience influences the level to which your weapons are created.
Team Fortress 2 has, of course, a wide and diverse range of mechanics that dictate how the gameplay flows and forms. To this, it is important to be aware of certain aspects and limitations that might alter how your weapon functions. Certain mechanics are far more prominent and noticeable than others, while others may be less prominent and just as important. Some mechanics may even be so common that players no longer see them as mechanics as much as just a standard part of the game.
Burst healing
As the name implies, burst healing is any form of sudden healing. Most often, it takes a short amount of time, and grants a high amount of health. Burst healing is extremely important in both static and dynamic matters. For the most common static iteration, think of health packs. They provide a direct advantage to holding certain parts of certain maps. While in the dynamic sense, think of burst healing weapons, the Black Box or the Crusader’s Crossbow. Burst healing tilts fights towards whoever owns the health pack or the healing weapon, as it directly affects the time to kill tables of the game. In this regard, any weapon that heals a high amount must do so slowly (as with the Crusader’s Crossbow), while any weapon that can heal quickly should do so minimally (such as with the Black Box or Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol relative low health per hit). This also applies to map creators- Put smaller health packs in areas near combat, and keep the larger health packs further away from fighting (so that they are used more for recovery). Be extremely careful when having weapons that can heal in combat. Team Fortress 2 has extremely specific damage over time, or hits to kill, for balancing weapons. In some cases, even a measly 5 health can change how much a class can survive (and that is not just a measly example, five health is the difference of whether or not a Soldier can survive two or three Demoman pills).
Passive healing
On the other side of healing is the passive healing (otherwise called ‘health over time’ for you RTS players). This is healing granted over time in a steady pace. Such as the healing from a dispenser and medigun beam, or the healing provided by the Concheror and Cozy Camper. Healing over time is especially dangerous to deal with, as it most often works throughout combat, making the player with the healing have a greater advantage as the battle goes on. Because of this, you want the healing to have a low baseline in combat, and gradually increasing as the user is out of combat. The Concheror showcases this aspect rather well, out of combat, your healing ramps up to +4 health healed per second, while in combat it lowers to only +1 health per second. The issue with having a single rate of healing while in combat is that it is extremely difficult (if not nigh impossible) to properly balance for it. For example, consider the Concheror before it’s healing was changed; Healing only +2 health per second was not really worthwhile, but healing +3 health per second influences the flow of combat too much. If a weapon heals passively over time, try to keep the lower health barrier as less influential for combat, yet keep the higher end of the healing high enough to be worthwhile as a recovery while the user is out of combat.
Types of damage fall-off
As discussed earlier, certain weapons are more effective at range than others. This is partly in due to how damage fall-off functions. Overall, there are four different types of falloff, each is associated with a different sort of attack style so much that it might as well be part of that attack. But this will be focusing on the calculations of that fall-off.
  1. Most weapons run off of a linear damage fall-off system. Where damage is based on how far away the enemy is. For the majority of weapons, this runs by the standard Hammer Unit (distance units) calculation, “if the enemy is fully hit at this distance the weapon will deal this damage”. Shotguns, Pistols, miniguns, and most bullet based weapons work off of this system of linear damage-to-distance. And most of them tend to lose 50% of their damage at the maximum range of 1024 Hammer Units.
  2. Particle based weapons run off of a particle lifetime calculation. This means that the longer the ‘particle’ (thing that hits) exists, the lower its damage is. Flamethrowers, the Righteous Bison, and the Pomson run off of this system. There is no damage ramp up for any of these weapons, they always start at 100% damage, and lose damage as they go along. If you want a weapon to simulate having damage ramp up if uses particles as it’s method of dealing damage, you will have to give the weapon a higher base damage, and a lower higher damage falloff.
  3. Source distance calculation. This is primarily a feature of Soldier. The damage of Soldier’s rocket launchers are based on how far the soldier is from the enemy at the moment of impact. In effect, this means that the location the Soldier fired the rocket from is not as important as where the soldier is when the rocket hits. Aside from this, the calculations are the same as the linear damage fall-off calculations.
  4. Lack of damage fall-off. While not damage fall-off inherently, it is worth nothing. A limited list of weapons in Team Fortress 2 lack damage fall-off. Demoman Grenade Launchers and Sniper Rifles are prime examples. No matter how far away from the enemy you are, or how close they are to you, you will always do a flat number of damage. This is actually a defining feature of Sentry Guns (and other Engineer buildings). Sentry Guns do not have damage fall-off over range, the damage it deals point blank is the same it deals at range, but Sentry Guns are also not affected by damage fall-off, a rocket shot from across the map will deal the same damage as one shot point blank to a sentry. Keep this in mind when balancing the effective range of Grenade Launchers (specifically think of how unfair the Loch and Load feels), and the health of Engineer buildings.
Damage ramp-up
The inverse of the above. For most weapons in the game, damage is increased linearly for enemies closer than 512 Hammer Units. In effect, this means that the closer you are to the enemy, the more damage your gun will deal. This encourages close range combat, and allows for various weapons to be more effective than others at mid range combat. For example, the Rocket Launcher deals 90 base damage that ramps up to 125% for a maximum of 112 damage point blank, while the Scattergun has 60 base damage (lower than the Rocket Launcher) at mid range which ramps up to 175% for a maximum of 105 damage. This means the Rocket Launcher is more effective at mid range, while a Scattergun deals more damage at close range. Be careful of how much damage your weapons ramp up by, as it severely affects how viable they are. Take the Shortstop (Scout primary weapon) for example, it is nearly one of the most powerful Scout primaries in the game, but since it’s damage only ramps up to 150% (instead of the standard 175% of all other Scout primaries) it remains the weakest Scout primary weapon. If you want your weapon to be a mid range weapon, try to keep the base damage high while the damage ramp up is lower, and vice versa if you want a close range weapon.
Hitboxes and collision hulls
As a lead to the next point, you should be aware that there are two types of ways to register hits. One is based off of the hitboxes of the class, and the other the collision hull of the player. Every class has a different hitbox. A hitbox is a sort of crude set of invisible boxes that exist over the body parts of the player used for mostly hitscan hit detection. Hence the name, HITbox.
A collision hull is pretty different, if not similar. A single big box exists around every player that is used to calculate how the player collides with the world geometry (hence the name, COLLISION hull). The collision hull is a static rectangular prism that does not change orientation or direction at all, no matter which way you turn, it is still pointing in the same direction. This collision hull is also used to register hits with projectiles (rocket launchers, pills, etc.), particles (flamethrower fire), and oddly enough, melee hits.
“Why not use the hitboxes for melee weapons?” you might ask, considering melee weapons use hitscan to calculate hits. Simply put- It hugely lowers the number of facestabs that happen. Currently, facestabs exist due to lag difference between clients- What one player sees is not what the other player sees. The game used to use hitboxes for melee weapons, but that was found to be extremely buggy with Spy’s knives. The downside of this is of course, that melee ranges are extremely messy.
Hitscan vs. Projectile vs. Particle hit registration
Every weapon in the game can be categorized to deal damage in one of these three ways. Your bullet weapons all use a hitscan system to function. Hitscan is the creation of an infinitely long line that is used to calculate whether or not a shot ‘hits’. The hit being wherever the line collides with an enemy’s hitboxes. Hitscan shots are lag compensated, meaning that a shot on your end will always register as a shot server side. You do not have to compensate for your connection.
For the most part, projectiles and particles are very similar. The main difference between the two being the size of the entity that is used for collision. Projectiles have relatively small collision boxes, while particles tend to have noticeably larger collision boxes (save for the Flamethrower, which has projectile-sized collision boxes, while having particle-based damage calculation). This is done to compensate for the following problem: Projectiles and particles, as mentioned earlier, use collision hulls for hit registration. Neither projectiles or particles are lag compensated by the source engine. When you shoot, the data of you shooting is sent to the server, and whenever it registers that you have shot, it creates the projectile/particle on the server side. If your interp settings are at the default (casual reminder to please change them), or you have a bad ping with the server, you will often notice your shots coming out noticeably after you have clicked the button. With projectiles and particles, you have to compensate for your connection. Some games such as Overwatch and CS:GO have lag compensated projectiles, but for the most part, older Source game such as Team Fortress 2 do not lag compensate them. This also applies to collision hulls, which is why melee weapons sometimes seemingly seem to be unable to hit. Due to all the complex issues with projectiles and particles, you need to be extremely careful when dealing with the travelling speed of either. A shot that travels too slow will be less likely to hit, while a shot that travels too fast may be extremely difficult to compensate for (look at the pre-nerf Loose Cannon speed for example).
Stun and slow
To the blunt- Do not ever build weapons around either slowing down the enemy or stunning them. Team Fortress 2 is a deathmatch arena shooter game. Slowing mechanics are more apt for the tactical shooter genre game such as Counter Strike, where aim is not the focus as much as positioning. While stunning mechanics are prominent more in the 3rd person games that are based more on mathematical damage output instead of direct aim skill. There is no real situation where any slowing mechanic can be balanced in Team Fortress 2’s genre, and there is no real justification that can justify stunning an enemy (as it provides a direct advantage in all time to kill tables).
Stunning can only be justified if it is induced to the self. Things such as Heavy’s lunchbox items, or Scout’s drinks are fair, as it is entirely based on the player’s actions, instead of another player's. Try to keep anything that changes how the player can move to be purely based on that player’s own actions.
The only fair method of directly changing how an enemy moves is through knockback. Knockback is how much directional force is applied to a player based on how effectively a player was hit. The key portion of knockback is that it is not entirely uncontrollable by the player being affected by it. If you have ever surfed a rocket as a Medic, or ridden minigun bullets as a Scout, then you are familiar with the concept of why knockback is fair- It can be as much of a use to the attacker as it can be for the player being attacked.
Even Pyro’s airblast also used to be based entirely on knockback once upon a time. Depending on the direction of the Pyro was pointing, and how close they were to the enemy, airblast would provide a different amount of knockback. But due to a glitch with ground collision, it was changed to effectively work as a stunlock that removes the enemy’s ability to airstrafe while applying a static amount of upwards knockback. Due to this, be mindful when creating combo-based airblast-centric Flamethrowers.
Time to kill
In simple terms: How long it takes a gun to put an enemy with a certain amount of health at a level where they no longer have health. Certain guns are better at killing certain enemies at certain health levels at certain distances. Time to kill is an extremely important portion of the game, in fact, it can be argued to be the single most important aspect of balancing. If a weapon kills quickly, it will feel unfair to the player getting killed (looking at you, Sniper Rifle and Lock’n’Load). If a weapon kills slowly, why bother with it (just ask the Natascha)? Every class is built around a general set of damage output at certain ranges. Some classes have been fairly toned back in damage in close combat (the Rocket Launcher used to be able to 1-shot light classes, and the Stickybomb Launcher could 2-shot Heavies at full health), while some have been unfairly nerfed (such as the currently irrelevant Needleguns for Medic). Some classes damage output at range have been fairly reduced, while others have not even been changed (which is why the Sniper remains a contester for the most unbalanced classes in the game). The time it takes for a class to kill another is a highly controversial subject even out of context of weapon balancing. A Spy for example, should by all rights be able to kill a Scout or Engineer with two Revolver shots, yet the community believes otherwise. Balance as you will, but keep in mind that how long it takes a class to kill another as others see may not be balanced, while what you believe may also be unbalanced. As a rough guideline, this table has been made:
Time to kill at Range 125HP 150HP 175-200HP 300HP 450HP
Close range (0-512HU) 2 hits 2 hits 2-3 hits 3 hits 5 hits
Medium range(512HU) 2 hits 2-3 hits 2-3 hits 4 hits 5-6 hits
Long range (512-1024 HU) 3 hits 4 hits 4-5 hits 7+ hits Good luck
Sniper Rifle 1-2 hits 1-2 hits 2-3 hits 2-3 hits 3+ hits
  • Do note: Hitscan/particle weapons should be primarily made for close/mid range combat. Team Fortress 2 is not built for long distance combat
The following is the nitty and gritty portion of the list. A tried and tested list of attributes that have either been shown to always work or never work at all.
More/less damage fasteslower
Among the more common type of balancing option that exists, and among the most unbalanced balancing option available. Damage is for the most part, a rather binary balancing option. You must either have more, less, or the same of it. And the speed at which damage is similarly binary, it is either faster, slower, or the same. Having both aspects being changed at the same time can break the prominent time to kill tables of the game just as much as changing a single aspect. It may seem logical to make the changes inversely proportional (Higher damage and slower speed, or lower damage and higher speed), but for the most part this has been shown not to work. Take for example, the Liberty Launcher- It deals less damage faster, and is contester for the least used rocket launcher as it is horrendous for killing overall. Or in the opposite context- the Cow Mangler’s charged shot, one of the more powerful tools in a Soldier’s kit… yet it is practically worthless due to it’s slower firing rate. Damage and speed are not inversely proportional options. You either need a net positive gain with a restricting downside (such as with the Backscratcher’s reduced healing limiting your team synergy), or you need a net loss with a liberating upside (such as with the Gloves of Running Urgently allowing you to have far more mobility).
Damage is not just a number
The numerical number of how much health an enemy will lose on a hit is not the only method of counting damage. Damage can come in many forms of balancing, as it is dynamic. For example, reliability, or effective range. As an example, the Backscatter; It supposedly deals more damage than the Scattergun due to the Mini-crits from the back, but due to the increased bullet spread limiting both its range and its damage reliability, it effectively deals less damage than a Scattergun the majority of the time. For another example, consider the Direct Hit; While in theory the Direct Hit deals more damage per shot than the Rocket Launcher, it is not effectively true, as the reduced splash range limits how reliable and how much damage can be dealt overall to enemies. When balancing a weapon’s damage output, keep in mind not only how much damage is applied, but keeping in mind also how effectively the damage is applied to the enemies.
Speed is reliability
In that same vein of damage. Speed is dynamic, it includes projectile/particle speed, class speed, hit speed, attack speed, so on and so forth. In a short sense, speed is more of a gauge of how reliably you can take someone down at range as opposed to how fast the weapon itself is. A weapon that fires faster is more reliable at killing than a weapon that fires slowly. A projectile that travels faster is a projectile that is more reliable. When you are balancing any speed aspect of a weapon, you need to keep in mind the effectiveness of the weapon. The older Baby Face’s Blaster is a prime example, the weapon gave Scout far more mobility at an easy rate to build, which did not directly give Scout more damage as much as it made it easier to deal damage as Scout, it made Scout more reliable. The Loch and Load is another key example, it’s faster projectiles make the Grenade Launcher (a weapon designed around being unreliable at dealing damage) far more reliable of a weapon, which causes the unchanged damage output that it has to feel as though it deals more damage. Alongside damage, be careful of adjusting speed. Not only can it affect time to kill tables, it can affect how the weapon itself functions.
Passive downside for active upside
A common mistake made by many is to have a weapon whose upsides of damage, speed, or any other sort is balanced by having some passive downside that hinders the user at all times. One weapon that comes to mind for this is the Blutsauger. The Blutsauger costs you survivability throughout the game, unless you are actively using the weapon. This is often quoted as it’s killing aspect- You are effectively always on the downside if you are using a weapon that has a passive downside, which renders the upside less preferable, thus lowering the viability and usability of the weapon as a whole. Try to abstain from this kind of flawed design.
Passive upside for active downside
The opposite of the above. Downsides that only apply when a weapon is being used paired up with upside that apply at all times. Weapons that are built around this are not used by themselves as they function worse than other weapons, yet even so grant passive upsides that are active at all times. The (Pre-Gun Mettle) Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol serves as a prime example, it granted you +15 health and fall damage immunity at the cost of survivability against Pyros and killing speed. The Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol was innate of itself not used often, but it was overtly powerful to simply have equipped, as the upsides gained by it were useful at all times. Another prime showcase of this design was the old Degreaser, you gained faster switch speed across the board at the cost of barely lowered damage, this made the weapon outclass the Flamethrower in all regards except for at actually killing, as it made the secondary weapons exceedingly more powerful. When the upside for a weapon is passive, it always applies a bonus, whereas when a downside is active it's only applied when the weapon is being used. For the majority of players, having a free passive upside is far better than some downside that may never be used. Try to restrain from creating weapons that fall under this criteria.
Higher damage output and lower reliability
Do not try to balance a weapon by making it more random. This is specifically a jab against the Beggar's Bazooka. Even if the randomness is used to a good extent such as with Shotgun and Pistol spread, the balancing aspect of using randomness purely as a method of balancing does not work for Arena Shooter games. Arena Shooter games are built entirely on using weapons to counter enemies with other weapons, but in a way where every player’s action is directly fulfilled with an equal result. If Team Fortress 2 were a tactical shooter sort of game, then the randomness could be justified, but as it currently stands, it is not. This goes from Rocket Launchers to Grenade Launchers to Stickybomb Launchers and all weapons in between.
-10% damage trope
This primarily applies to weapons that use a large number of small hits to account for damage. Primarily Flamethrowers, Miniguns, Pistols, and Needleguns. Damage in Team Fortress 2 is rounded to the nearest whole number, which often times can effectively mitigate the lowered damage output of a weapon. If you want to make a fast-firing weapon do more or less damage, instead change its firing rate. A weapon with -10% damage will only sometimes deal -10% damage, while a weapon with -10% firing speed will always do -10% damage.
Self-sustenance comes at the cost of team synergy
If your weapon allows a class to play better independently, then that weapon should make team synergy less effective overall. The single best example of this is the Black Box for Soldier, the weapon’s upside exists in any scenario where the Soldier is fighting by themselves, while the downside primarily comes into effect when the player has support from team healing. This trade off of capabilities balances out weapons that would otherwise have to suffer from worse downsides. Imagine a Black Box that dealt lower damage per rocket, that would not balance out well, would it now? Of course not, and that is why the trade off of team synergy is more balanced. Another example is the Backscratcher, which makes the Pyro far more functional as a flank class, but since this affects the Pyro’s performance with Medic’s overheal overall, the weapon as a whole is unused in serious environments. A self-sustainable weapon should come at the cost of team synergy, but make sure to not remove team synergy as a whole.
Mobility is granted passively, but must be gained actively
In simpler terms, when you have a weapon that grants mobility, the mobility should be passive. But the terms of which you gain the mobility must be active. You have to do something to gain the mobility, such as using an item, dealing damage to an enemy, launching yourself with explosives, etc. Look for the Gunboats for an example of this. They passively grant you the upside of lowered blast damage (higher mobility), but you only get the upside when you do the action of rocket jumping. The same property applies with many speed-boosting melee weapons. You move faster with those weapons passively, but you can only get the mobility boost while you do the action of having the weapons out. Make the reward passive, but make the action just that- an act.
Author’s note
Build weapons for the offense
I will say this as a final statement of what the overarching design of weapons should be. NEVER build a weapon to be used only in a defensive environment. Even with borderline overpowered weapons such as the Scottish Resistance (your read right) and Brass Beast, weapons built to only be used on the defensive will remain underused. Why? Because Team Fortress 2 is not a game built on defense, it is built on two teams trying to out-attack each other. Defensive weapons are not in the nature of the game, and because of this, don’t make them. Make weapons for the offense. You’ll have a much better time making an Engineer viable for the offense than any other class made for defense. So keep things on the offense, be offensive for the sake of being offensive.
And remember, these are just guidelines. There are exceptions to every rule, and I may not agree with them, but I am not always right. If you think you can justify it, feel free to break the guidelines. But I’ll be damned if I won’t argue against you. Cheers, and go design some weapons already.
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Discussion: YAwriters Demographic Survey Results

Over the course of several months last year, we asked you to take part in a demographic survey. We were curious because of a similar survey conducted at /writing and wanted to:
  1. Make sure we were repping/serving the community that's actually here.
  2. See whether the demos of the subs were the same or radically different.
This data was taken in Spring of 2014 and represents a snapshot of that particular time. Our sub has grown a bit, though it's reasonable to assume that the userbase hasn't changed radically. /writing currently has over 141,000 users, and we're just shy of 2,500.
Thanks to bethrevis for setting up the survey up and HUGE THANKS to smallfruitbat for crunching the data, which wasn't in the easiest format. She also made the lovely charts and graphs as well as a verbal walk through you'll see quoted throughout:
The 19-question survey had 176 respondents, giving a response rate >10% at the time of survey close. At that time, /YAwriters was capturing approximately 150 unique visitors a day and had a subscription base of ~1700.
When side accounts are considered, this suggests that the survey grabbed information from lurkers as well as regular contributors...In comparison, an informal survey covering similar questions in the /writing subreddit captured 793 responses in a default subreddit with >100,000 users, a response rate <1%.
Not everyone answered every question, so you may see percentages change as blanks are omitted between data sets.
We’re a N. American based website and no surprise, N. American users are our largest userbase. But we also have a lot of Australians relative to population. Figs. 0. & 1.
For the record, the top 3 countries for overall Reddit use compared to population are: Canada 21%, USA 15%, Australia 13%. Source: http://www.redditblog.com/2013/12/top-posts-of-2013-stats-and-snoo-years.html
Overwhelmingly female. Just shy of 70% w/ less than 1% identifying as non-binary, genderqueer, or other. Meanwhile /writing was nearly 69% male at the time of survey. Fig. 2.
Pretty much exact opposites [to /writing]. Response rate 99% vs 98%.
We also, forgive us, asked about sexual orientation. [96% response rate.] We don't have corresponding data from /writing but believe they skew predominantly or at least more heterosexual. This is an educated guess however. Fig. 3.
We are 36% LGBA and "not exclusively heterosexual" people. Interestingly this is an over-representation of these numbers in the general population.
We failed to ask for exact ages, especially for comparing trends but asked for general age ranges similar to those in /writing. Figs. 4. and 5. "Response rate 100%."
But we're definitely, on average, older.
We're older than writing.
You could make a case for better educated, too. More likely that the older members in YAwriters have graduated from high school and finished their degrees, however. Response rate 98% vs >99%. Fig. 6.
The YAwriters survey broke post-graduate degrees down further… The “associate’s degree” label was used for anyone who indicated a 2-year degree or trade school certification…We also have at least 1 MD and 2 lawyers among respondents. Response rate 98%. Fig. 7.
Another note about the education data: In terms of demographics, there is a huge difference between “still in college” and “attended college, but left without degree.” Since this was the second largest category, future surveys should differentiate between the two. “Did not complete high school” is another possibility…
Multiple degrees and specialties were reported… Another way of looking at it. Amongst those who went to college, liberal arts degrees are common in this sub. Figs. 8. and 9.
Apologies for asking such personal questions about race, gender and orientation but we felt it was necessary to make sure we’re serving folks the best and of course you were free not to answer. We also had an inkling that /YAwriters had a more diverse body of users than /writing. Here's what it looked like when those who had opted out were counted as their own category. Fig. 10.
[And a] recalculation that just treats "prefer not to answer" as "not part of the data set." I'm not quite that cynical. e.g. 20/100 prefer not to answer. Percentages are now recalculated from 80. 30% becomes 37.5%. Fig. 11.
With all the write-in answers, these seemed to be the best categories. 74% response rate. Fig. 12.
Another way of looking at it. Fig. 13.
Notably, among users who answered this question, 22% of POC identified as biracial. Plotting both races didn't significantly change graphs though. 74% response rate for this graph.
We have noted that we didn't give both enough or nuanced enough options on these questions and people of multiple backgrounds may have felt too many/not enough options applied. We apologize and will seek to correct this on the next survey.
A note on methodology here: You may see some differences in percentages between different graphs, purportedly of the same data. For example, “biracial” with no additional information gets counted in “POC,” but not in graph 12. Answers like “Jewish,” “haole,” and “Irish” were combined as “white.”
A surprising number of people answered “American,” “Californian,” etc. While I could calculate those entries as a weighted average of the demographics of those regions, or take the cynical route and assume they meant “white,” I lumped them into “prefer not to say” instead. California is 38% Hispanic, 36% White, 14% Asian, 7% Black, 2% Native American, btw. Yes, that’s more than 100%.
A 2013 Pew Internet survey found that Hispanic internet users were 2-3 times more likely to use Reddit than white or black respondents. You can read the Pew report here: http://www.pewinternet.org/files/old-media/Files/Reports/2013/PIP_reddit_usage_2013.pdf
Users reported multiple types of publication history. Response rate 97%. Fig. 14
The caveat is that from the way the survey is worded, it's possible that fanfiction is getting counted as serialization. We'll seek to delineate this in a next addition.
Without a doubt, YAwriters users have shared their writing with a large audience. Fig. 15.
According to this chart, unpublished members should just keep writing, because they haven't caught up to the published folks yet. Fig. 16
Even as a write-in answer, “fun” was just as popular as “making money...” Fig. 17.
The majority of respondents want a large press to pick up their WIP, but will consider self-publishing if that doesn't work out. Fig. 18.
Career goals. Fig. 19.
There really wasn't an option suitable for enthusiastic people with a different career to focus on.
Wordcount: Fig. 20. "98% response rate."
Writing Frequency: Fig. 21.
Outlining: Fig. 22. We recognize there's room for error in phrasing. Next time we'll endevour to include plotters and pantsers. "98% response rate."
Large traditional presses were favored. Fig. 23.
Here are the average ratings, converted to a 5 star system. HUGE error bars though. Fig. 24.
No significant trend for ranking self-publication. Fig. 25.
Which is notable in that we might have assumed younger people would respond to it better. Nope.
People with graduate degrees rated self-publishing much higher than those in high school. Fig. 26
This would probably be a second surprise. Even though a lot of self-pubbers are very educated, one might wrongfully assume, older people with more degrees were more set on trad publishing. This doesn't appear to be the case.
Again, huge error bars associated with all of these rankings, so no good conclusions can be drawn. I rather thought the self-pub vs. education trend would be opposite though.
TL;DR So there you have it. It's an informal survey and our user base has grown, but the cautious results seem to indicate that YAwriters skews more female than /writing. We also suspect we skew more more LGBTAQ and POC than /writing though would need that data set from them to be sure. We're definitely older, on balance have more education, and are more widely published though both subs have probably failed to get specific enough about what published means exactly.
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Binary options free demo account is a location where you can practice trading binary alternatives. The demonstration account provides you with an amount of fake money and permits you to exchange onto a true binary options broker’s platform. You can exchange instantly with real assets and see how your skills translate into the real world. The binary options free demo account platform lets you ... Once they’ve gained knowledge and confidence in options trading with the free demo account this way, they emerge as experienced, refined investors. After going through the aforementioned process, customers can then set up a real trading account and start testing the strategies they’ve learned to trade binary with their actual money thereby making a profit if they choose to do so. Binary Options Free Mobile Demo Account. Binary options demo account was originally initiated in 2008. The binary options trade is a means of investing your money and earning more profit out of it. And since the binary options trading account started, more and more individuals started showing interested and invested in it. >> Read more... Demo account has most of the Real account's options. On start you'll get virtual $ 10 000 on a balance. You can't withdrawal it as the real money but you can refill this sum as much as you want to try the IQ Option trading platform opportunities. How to start Binary options trading with a Demo account. IQ Option platform prepares both a Demo and a Real account for the user to trade. All new ... A free binary options demo account will give you a chance to experiment with new assets in a risk-free setting. Ideally, a demo will offer you a sample of all the assets available with the live version. Some common assets to look for include: Currency pairs such as GBP/USD; Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin; Commodities such as gold, silver, and oil; Stocks from large companies ... Ultimately, with a free binary options demo account, learning how to trade and make money is the number one goal. Practice Makes Perfect . If you want to learn how to trade binary options today, you create a demo account with a trusted binary options trading platform to begin the money making process; here we show you a video of how to do just that with IQ Option: Think about the ongoing ... If you are new to binary options, demo accounts can be a great place to start. While you may understand the concept of trading, actual trading with real money can be a daunting prospect. For the inexperienced trader risking your own money can be a nervous time and as such we highly recommend using a demo before you feel confident trading real money. Not only is it an excellent plan to start ... Binary Options trading in Lebanon - Bianry Options trading is legal. Upto 90% return for each successful trades. Free $10,000 Demo Account. Here we list and compare the best binary options demo accounts with no deposit requirements 2020, and look at whether a free demo account really is ‘free’ and even where you can get a trial account with no sign up at all. For traders, a free demo account makes a lot of sense. You get to try the trading platform, or a mobile demo app, at no ...

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Global Trader 365 - Free binary options demo account benefit of Binary Options

How can I get a free binary options demo account is something that I get asked alot so in this quick video I show you a platform I really like that offers a 100% free no deposit trading account ... Sign up here: http://www.MarketsWorldDemo.com March 29, 2014 Update: Markets World is still providing free binary options demo accounts and yes, they still l... Traders can trade binary options on stocks, commodities, currency pairs and indices 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Global Trader 365 provides investors with high returns of up to 75% if the option ... Register new domain: http://setmefreefinancially.com/gotobluehost IQ Options offer a rare service amongst Binary Option Traders which allows new traders to o... http://binaryoptionstradingschool.net/60-second-binary-options-demo-account/ Free Binary Options Demo Accounts available for prospective traders and readers ... No Deposit Free Binary Options Trading Demo Account! Option Robot - Option Robot Review - Binary Option Robot Trading Software Platform Option Robot 1k Demo Account Review - WATCH ME TRADE ... Don't forget that with binary options free demo account you can earn only virtual money so after 2 or 3 successful option trading you must to open a real account to get the best profit to your ... Come to the binary options lab at Forex Robot Nation. Here you will find information on how to set up a free binary options broker demo. With this you will be abe to paper trade and test any of ... If you just start now your first binary options trading you must to start it with "binary options free demo account" to try the first one without to play a real money. Investors should look for ... Race Option: https://secure.raceoption.com/tiny/dNeIk Withdrawals: https://youtu.be/fmS6owOOzNw Follow the steps below to learn how to get started with binar...